Real Techniques Starter Kit | Makeup Brush Review

Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Kit


I seriously do not know how I did my make up before having the Real Techniques brushes. I am not a pro at makeup, so any tools that help make it easier for me are fantastic, but these brushes are the best I have ever used!


  • Base shadow brush: this brush helps apply a flawless base/ foundation to the eyelid. This brush does exactly what it says it does, and it does a great job of it.
  • Deluxe crease brush: An oversized brush for applying colour to the crease of the eyelid. I love how large this brush is, and it makes contouring the eye so easy!
  • Accent brush: This small brush is designed to detailing. I like to use it to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, and under my brow.
  • Fine liner brush: A gel liners best friend. This brush allows you to apply gel/ cream liner with precision.
  • Brow brush: This brush helps you shape and define your eyebrows with ease. This brush is slightly larger than what I am used to, and gives a really natural look when filling in eyebrows.


Real Techniques starter kit | Eye makeup brushes

So out of this set there are 3 brushes I am using DAILY! Those are the Base shadow brush, which I use for applying base, duh!, the Deluxe crease brush which is like a giant crayon that makes applying eyeshadow oh so easy, and the Brow brush which I use with my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade.

The Accent brush is usually used on nights out when I wear more makeup and the fine liner brush is barely used as I don’t use gel liner that much since discovering Benefits push up liner.

Overall I am obsessed with these brushes and actually want to collect every Real Techniques brush and product! I think the quality of the brushes is outstanding, especially compared to the price.


Does anyone have any recommendations on which brush I should invest in next?

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx ย 

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 14.11.38

Read about the core collection here.ย 


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