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I have shared before that my skin is less than ideal and how I am really prone to breakouts, but I finally feel I am on the right path to clear and healthy glowing skin. I wanted to share my skincare routine as it is ridiculously affordable and my skin hasn’t been this good in a long time!

My daily routine:

Step 1:

Garnier Micellar cleansing water.

I was hesitant to try this cleanser mainly because it is so cheap! As I have skin that is prone to breakouts, I just never think that products this affordable will work for me. I have seen a lot of bloggers rave about this product, but the seem to have great skin already so I just assumed that is why they loved the product.

I decided to eventually try it out when I was on my way to Electric Picnic, I figured using this Micellar water and a cotton pad would be better than using make up wipes for the whole weekend. (I hate makeup wipes and the only way I will ever use them is literally as a last resort!).

This cleanser is really effectively and really lifts off all makeup, including eye makeup. The Micellar water gently cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. I do not get that feeling of my skin drying out, which some cleansers can do, but I feel completely cleansed without any residue being left behind.

Now for the maths:

This 400ml bottle is €4.19 and offers approximately 200 uses, that means every time you use this cleanser it is costing you 2¢ per use! WHAT!

I use this cleanser with cotton pads, and usually use 2, the first to remove the majority of my makeup, and the second to ensure my face is totally clean.


Garnier Softening Toner & Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Step 2:

Garnier Softening Toner.

I didn’t go through too much of a though process when choosing this toner. I had experienced such a great success with the Garnier Micellar water, that I thought I may as well stick with Garnier and try their toner. This toner promises to soften and deeply purify the skin.

The reason for using a toner can vary from person to person. The goal of this one is to complete the cleansing routine, remove impurities from the pores, and then to soften the skin.

Depending on your skin type, you may be seeking different results so I would suggest a little research first. Although I am prone to breakouts, I don’t actually have oily skin, which is why I like this toner.


 La Roche-Posay Hydraphase, efficlar

Step 3:

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Yeux.

I don’t actually have many lines around my eyes, but I figure if I use eye cream now I can hold off on fine lines for a couple of years. I chose this eye cream, well it is actually more of a gel, as I like the brand and it promises to hydrate the eye area and tackle puffiness. It is not a deep working anti-wrinkle eye cream, as I have tried some in the past and found them to be a little harsh on my eye area.

The issue with anti-wrinkle cream is that you don’t find out if they are really working. I don’t have many lines around my eyes so I cannot watch them disappear, and I won’t know if it is preventing my lines unless I get to the age of 50 without a single line, ha!

I usually allow a couple of minutes to let me eye gel sink into the skin before applying any moisturizer.


Garnier Micellar cleanser toner, Garnier Softening Toner, EOS Lip Balm, Nivea Q10, Soap and Glory, La Roch Posay

Step 4:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector. 

This product is for those who experience breakouts, so if you have clear skin, keep scrolling. I apply a small amount on my skin where I have a spot, or even when I feel something forming below the surface. As this product is specifically for spots and breakouts, so only apply locally. I apply it twice a day when I need to.

Again, this product needs a little bit of time to sink in so give it a few minutes before applying moisturizer.


EOS lip Balm, Soap and Glory, La Roche-Posay, Nivea

Step 4: 

Nivea Visage Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream. 

I change my moisturizer all the time, and I am currently looking for a good night cream/ serum, so this is currently my day and night cream.. (gasp!). I like it, it leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and it is really light on my skin. Although this has an SPF, I always apply an SPF separately before my moisturizer anyway, as an SPF mixed with a moisturizer will actually dilute the effectiveness of the sun protection.


Step 5:

EOS lip balm

Many people forget about their lips, but to prevent dry and chapped lips, I will apply lip balm at least twice a day, as part of my skin care routine. I love the EOS lip balms and have been using them for over a year and find them really nourishing and soothing to my lips.


I wrote about this facemask from Soap and Glory a couple of weeks ago, and it a part of my weekly skin care routine. I use this mask at least once a week, sometimes two. Read more about it here.

I also wrote about this amazing cleanser from Heaven, which I am now using in my shower, rather than my primary cleanser/ makeup remover. This cleanser is still a love of mine, and I find it very soothing when my skin is lacking in moisture or needing a little pick-me-up.

So that is my current skincare routine, which changes all of the time. I would love to hear your recommendations on skin care products as I am always looking for amazing products to help improve my skin.

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx 


I am now loving Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation, read more here. 


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