Real Techniques- Core Collection

I blogged about a month and a half ago how I really wanted to get my hands on the Real Technique core collection brush set, so I decided to finally treat myself, and I don’t know what I did before I have it in my life!!!!

I am the type of girl who can get a little intimidated by too many brush, like too many pieces of cutlery on a table, I don’t know if I am using it the way it should be used! Luckily the Real Techniques brushes clearly state their purpose on the side of the brush, so I don’t used a liquid foundation brush for applying bronzer… PHEW! (if all else fails there are always youtube tutorials too)

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 14.11.38

Ok so first of all, they come in this sleek case which is really handy, great for when I need to take the brushes on the go.

Now for the collection:

Detailer Brush: This teeny tiny brush is perfect when applying concealer on blemishes, or adjusting small areas on the face. It does have a second function of use as a lipstick brush also.

Pointed Liquid Foundation Brush: This pointed foundation brush allows you to apply liquid products smoothly and reach every crease and crevice with the pointed tip.  You can build up coverage easily using this brush for liquid foundation or concealers.

The Buffing Brush: This is similar to the expert face brush as it really does it all. I have been using it to buff my powder foundation, although I believe it works amazingly well with liquid foundation too. It can also be used for contouring the face with brozers and highlighters.

The Contour Brush: The shape of this brush means you can easily blend liquid and mineral bronzers and highlighters around the face, hugging the natural curves of your cheek bone, nose, jaw line etc, and blend perfectly.

All of the brushes are SUPER SOFT and easy to use. I have noticed a huge difference on the appearance of my make up and how long it lasts after application since I began using these brushes. I have always felt a good foundation is almost useless without a great brush to apply it, and I am delighted with my make up has looked in recent week.

You can shop this set here. 

I will be posting about Real Techniques starter kit shortly. What Real Technique brushes are you using? Which brush should I invest in next?


I am using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation with my new brushes. Read all about it here. 


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