Autumn Ankle Boots | August 2014

It may seem a little pre-mature to shop for autumn ankle boots, but September is only a week away and it has been raining all day here. It may be because I am from Ireland, but I actually LOVE dressing for Autumn and Winter. It is probably because our Summers are so short and there is always a need for boots, scarves, gilets, hats and coats. I love to layer up, and I love to mix fabrics like leathers, faux furs and knits.

I have started compiling a wish list of ankle boots that I would love to be running around town in this year. Although I love a good heel, it is not always practical to have anything higher than an inch or three for everyday wear, this really is a list of everyday boots to get me through until next Summer!!!


classic black ankle boot mango

Classic black suede boots with a simple and elegant silver zipper detail. These boots are perfect for day to-night, and as I live in my black skinny jeans for most of the year, they would be the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe.

Shop here


zara ankle boot with ribbing detail leather

I am LOVING these biker boots from Zara, they look so much more expensive than they actually are. They actually look a little ‘Balenciaga-esque’, and the ribbing detail is simple but adds so much drama. These boots are pretty tough and bulky looking, so I would pair them with a pair of fitted skinny jeans to balance it out.

Shop here


Taupe and gold ankle boot river island

The details on these boots are AMAZING!!!! The gold plate on the heel, the gold buckle and zips and the panel of suede fabric just makes these taupe boots exciting! The colour means they will go with just about anything. They give me a serious 70s vibe, and all of these details mean they are perfect for day and night.

Shop here


classic black ankle boot new look

Another pair of classic black ankle boots, which look more expensive than they actually are, due to the mix of leather effects and the gold buckle detail. Again a pair of skinny jeans tucked in would look great, or a pair of tights and dress or skirt would be perfect!

Shop here


Tan brown ankle boot asos

A classic pair of tan ankle boots will see you through a long autumn and winter season. I particularly love tan boots with dark wash denim and cream knit wear, classic and cosy! The cut out style of boot is here to stay for at least one more season, and this pair is slightly quirky, using a modern buckle (almost like a seat belt) rather than the traditional style. When it comes to boots, some of the smaller details actually make the boots for me!

Shop here 

Which are your favourite style? Comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 16.02.06

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