Electric Picnic Essentials

Even though the festival season is coming to an end, I am preparing for Electric Picnic, which is the first camping festival I will attend in YEARS!!!!! I recently posted a shopping list of fashion and accessories for the festival, but this list is far more practical and a lot less glamorous!

  • Tent… DUH! Luckily I don’y have to get one as I am sharing with a friend who already owns one. The campsites of these festivals can be very confusing so I would recommend attaching something to your tent that helps you recongise it over others that look similar. Also, when deciding on your camp spot try and keep a fair distance from the bathrooms (for obvious reasons) and if you are camping with a group of friends, cirlce your tents around one another to create a small seating area.
  • Sleeping bag & mat. I was about 20 the last time I slept on the ground in a sleeping bag and I don’t think I could hack it again without a mat…. or I am even thinking of buying a cheap lilo… Anyone have experience with this?


  • Toilet Paper: This will cover a multitude of uses, first for the obvious one (don’t venture inside a port-a-loo without some) while it will also come in handy for drying, cleaning, napkins etc.
  • Hand sanitizer: Irish festivals are known for being muddy so it doesn’t hurt to have a little hand sanitizer in your pocket at all times (especially before you eat or drink).
  • Baby wipes/makeup wipes: your 24/7 shower! As mentioned there can be mud everywhere and a wet wipe will help you feel fresh when you can’t make it to the shower tent.
  • Snacks & water: There will obviously be a lot of AMAZING food and drinks available at the festival, but it won’t hurt to have s0me water and snacks available in your tent at all times. I will probably be snacking on cereal bars, a little fruit and a chocolate bar or two 😉
  • Suncream & moisturiser: even when the sun is not out, SPF is essential. At a festival you may not realise how much time you spend out doors, and how much your skin is exposed, so keep yourself protected with a factor 30spf. Moisturiser is my bestfriend, nothing is more irritating than the feeling of dry and tight skin, so a good moisturiser is essential for your face, hands and all over. A nourishing lip balm is also one of the best things you can keep close by, I will be using my EOS.
  • Make up: Ok it’s a festival, but that does not mean that I will be one with the earth and go natural! My minimum for a festival is a foundation (Naked skin), eyebrow powder (HD Brows), eye liner (Benefit they’re real) and mascara (YSL Shocking). Throughout the day I will probably be wearing sunglasses so I might go adventours with my lipstick and go for a nice coral/red.


  • Bin bags: You may not realise how much rubbish you can create over a weekend, but the last thing you want is to have your tent filled with junk. Bring a couple of extra so that you can put your wet and dirty clothes and muddy wellies aside, without ruiner your stuff.
  • Phone charger: I am a iPhone addict so going a weekend without my phone would drive me crazy (it is also my camera so I need it charged at all times!) I found this really cool portable charging dock that should charge my phone about 4 times while I am there. What is really cool about this one is the solar pannel, as I drain the charge from the dock to charge my phone, I can recharge the dock through the solar panel.


  • Dry shampoo, hair brush, bobbins & pins: after three days of roughing it in a tent, and away from your home comforts of hair products, GHDs, heated rollers etc, you need a back up plan! I have invested in the Macadamia Oil dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh, and obviously need bobbins and pins to keep my hair in place on windy and raining days.
  • Torch: Trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, maneuvering around a tents across a campsite is a tough task, and basically impossible in the dark! Bring a small torch that you fit in your pocket, rather than draining your phone battery.
  • Eye mask & ear plugs: If you do want to get a decent night sleep, then an eye mask and earplugs will be your best friends! I held onto mine from a red eye flight from NYC this summer so I will be packing them for Electric Picnic.


  • Picnic Chair : I believe you can buy fold out chairs at the festival (please correct me if I am wrong), and they are an essential. Sitting on the ground for 3 days is a nightmare and the simple comfort of a canvas picnic chair will make you feel like royalty.
  • Mini first aid kit: a festival is the worst place to injure yourself, even if its a small paper cut. There is so much mud, you are outdoors so even a minor cut or sore can drive you crazy! I will be packing some plasters and a disinfectant just incase.


  • Toothpaste & mouthwash: it is impossible to feel fresh and clean without minty breath, FACT!
  • Spare socks and underwear: I will work out what I think I will need, then probably double it. Having cold and wet socks is one of the worst feelings in the world, so having a couple of spare socks will not hurt! Also, if you are wearing wellies, you will want to bring some knee socks as the rubber boot can rub your skin and really irristate your legs.
  • GIANT BAG: Ok now that you have gathered all of your essentials, and all of your festival clothes, you are going to need a BIG bag to fit it all in. I visited eBay to find mine, it has yet to arrive but hopefully I will manage to fit EVERYTHING I NEED inside!


Have I left anything out? comment below 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 14.22.05

To see my festival fashion post, click here 


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