Black and Yellow | What I Wore


I hope everyone enjoyed their August bank holiday weekend. I kicked mine off with Fostering a kitten from the DSPCA (you can see all of the adorable pics on my Instagram here) and then had a dinner to celebrate an account at work. I was really frustrated when choosing what to wear, I had been for dinner the night before and sat outside and I got bitten along my left arm and had large red bumps because of it. When dressing for this day, I had to find something that covered the tops of my arms as it was really unsightly.


20140802-120902-43742415.jpg 20140802-120901-43741360.jpg

What I Wore: 

 20140802-120904-43744031.jpg  20140802-120859-43739867.jpg

YUM! We headed to FX Buckley’s in Monkstown and I had the most amazing Fillet Steak, followed by Death by Chocolate. As it was a celebration I went for Champagne over my usual vodka.


Hope you had a great weekend,

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


You can see my recent dinner date ensemble here


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