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It has been so long since I treated myself to a trip to the hairdressers. I usually colour my own hair ( see my DIY Balayage post here) but this time I wanted to go brighter, and I really needed a couple of inches off the length.

20140728-234143-85303761.jpg  20140728-234142-85302999.jpg

Before: My hair had not been cut in a couple of months and there was very little shape to it. It has also become really heavy which made it harder to style.

I booked in at Saphora hair and beauty salon in Dundrum, and booked in with Niamh for my colour and cut. I know Niamh from school, and she does so many of my friends hair, so I was not stressed about this appointment, I knew I was in good hands.

After a consultation I told Niamh what I was looking for, and showed her some hair pics I found online to give her a visual idea. I like the low maintenance aspect of the Balayage look, how roots are not an issue, but I also wanted to kick up my colour a notch and go brighter and lighter.

20140728-234142-85302533.jpg 20140728-234141-85301671.jpg

So here it is, the finished results! I was delighted! The ends are really light and blonde, but the blending is beautiful. Niamh added several shades throughout my hair for a subtle blend. To finish off the look, I had a gorgeous curly blow dry. Unfortunately the misty/ rainy weather had the curls fall a little but the finished look was still fantastic.

  20140728-234140-85300552.jpg  20140728-234140-85300175.jpg

Side by side: You can see that the colours Niamh used are blonder, whereas the shades in my hair before had a reddish tint. Thanks to my stripey tee-shirt you can also see how much hair was cut off. I always have a fear of getting the chop, but I always feel so much fresher when I loose a little bit of length. I am thrilled with my cut and colour, and was delighted with the service I received at Saphora.


For all of Saphora’s contact information, including pricing and location, click here. 

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 19.06.33

To see how I coloured my hair at come, click here. 


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