Festival Feelings

I am EXCITED! A spur of the moment decision had me buying an Electric Picnic ticket last week, and ever since I have been daydreaming about what I am going to wear!

I already have Hunter Wellies, so that is a necessity already crossed off the list. I decided to invest in my Hunter Boots after having a terrible experience of wearing a cheap pair for an entire weekend at a festival. The shoes let my feet get wet and cold and they rubbed my skin, not worth it! My hunter boots are so comfortable and really keep my feet dry.

Festival Fashion | Hunter Boots

Now I need to define my ‘festival’ style and curate a practical, comfortable and stylish bag for three days of sun/rain/ mud and music.

  • For anyone who has not experienced wellies for 3 days straight, you may not be aware how essential knee socks are. The rubber can irritate and rub on your skin so a cute pair of knee socks makes a huge difference.

Festival Fashion | River Island Knee Socks

River Island knee socks €3

  • I definitely need a pair of denim shorts. I have one pair of seven for all mankind, but I would like to add a pair of Levis to the mix.

Festival Fashion | Levis Acid Wash Shorts

Levis acid wash shorts €55 

  • To pair with my denim shorts I think I will need about 3 tee shirts (I always like to over-pack but I think having a spare tee wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I love a good white tee, grey top and a of course, I am addicted to stripes.

Festival Fashion | Boohoo Tee

Boohoo white tee €12

Festival Fashion | Alexander Wang T

T Alexander Wang grey tank €67

Festival Fashion | Mango stripe tee

Mango black & white stripe tee €10

  • I will need some sort of raincoat or poncho, as it is Ireland, and at some point it will probably rain. The raincoat will also need to be light and small so I can pack it away when the sun decides to come out, so nothing too long or heavy.

Festival Fashion | Missguided clear raincoat

Missguided clear raincoat €30

Festival Fashion | Forever 21 Leopard print rain coat

Forever 21 Leopard rain coat €30

Festival Fashion | ASOS floral raincoat

ASOS Flower print raincoat €64

  • The only cross over bag that I have is my Vivienne Westwood flap bag, and I really do not want to take it will me incase it gets damaged. I need something secure, a good size and pretty neutral. The reason why a crossbody bag is so important, is mainly due to the fact you want to be hands free. Festivals are long and you need to carry around items such as hand sanitizer, tissues and a phone/ camera, and trying to hold a bag all day would drive me insane!

Festival Fashion | Dorothy Perkins crossbody bag

Dorothy Perkins off white crossbody €10

Festival Fashion | Forever 21 grey crossbody handbag

Forever 21 Crossbody Bag €17 

Festival Fashion | Missguided fringe crossbody bag

Missguided crossbody fringe bag €24

  • On sunnier days, incase wellies are not a necessity and a little too heavy, I would like to have a pair of ankle boots or sneakers to wear. I am thinking I will bring either my metallic converse, or my white ankle boots.

Festival Fashion | Metallic Gold Converse

Gold Converse £55 

Festival Fashion | ASOS white ankle boots

ASOS white ankle boots €40 

  • I would love a pretty sun-dress in a floral print to wear at least one day, to switch things up from the denim shorts and tee look.

Festival Fashion | AX Paris floral skater dress | Summer Dress

AX Paris tropical print dress £30 

  • Although I have access to showers and etc, my hair is very demanding and I probably wont be packing all of my hair oils, heat protectors, polishes and deffinately will not be bringing a straightener, so a Hat is the perfect disguise on a bag hair day.

Festival Fashion | Accessorize burgundy felt fedora

Accessorize Burgundy fedora €45 

  • Festival fashion is really fun and playful, so it is an opportunity to go over the top with jewellery and wear a lot pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily wear together on any given day. I will probably stack up some fun pieces including layering necklaces, bracelets and stacking rings.

Festival Fashion | New Look stacking rings

New Look ring stack €7

Festival Fashion | RIver Island stacking rings

River Island gold ring set €10

Festival Fashion | Forever 21 beaded bracelets

Forever 21 bead bracelets €5

Festival Fashion | Forever 21 layering necklace

Forever 21 layered pendant €3

Festival Fashion | River Island Body Chain

River Island body chain €9 

  • Yes I have reverted back to being about 8 years old! When I saw these metallic temporary tattoos I just fell in love. Obviously I would not wear them on any other occasion, but I don’t have any tattoos myself, so donning a gold little design is perfect just for a festival atmosphere. I wont be wearing all of them myself (I am generously sharing with my sister who will be there too), and I am a little worried that they could go grubby by the end of day one, but whatever! They remind me of the Chanel tattoos from a couple of years ago, but instead of pearls I will have gold and silver chains.

Festival Fashion | Missguided Sunseeker metallic tattoo Festival Fashion | Missguided Sunseekers gold tattoo

Missguided temporary tattoos in gold & silver €13

  • For nights and cooler days I will need to add another layer (or two), which could be a denim/ flannel shirt, cardigan or jumper.

Festival Fashion | Missguided oversized grey cardigan

Missguided grey cardigan €26

Festival Fashion | Wildfox "its only rock n roll" jumper

Wildfox jumper £105 

Festival Fashion | River Island Check Plain Shirts

River Island check shirt €37

  • This is a summer festival so sunglasses are a must, and they will also hide any dark circles, which I am bound to get after a night of sleeping on the ground!

Festival Fashion | Hello Sailor River Island Sunglasses

River Island ‘Hello there sailor’ sunnies €17

Festival Fashion | Le Spec cat eye sunglasses

Le Specs Cateye sunglasses €49

Festival Fashion | Jeepers Peepers sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers €20

So all I have left to add to the list is lots of pairs of clean socks, a sleeping bag, a tent, fold up chair, make up wipes, dry shampoo…. the list goes on! If you think that I have left anything off the list please let me know by commenting below! Happy festivalling 🙂

Thanks for reading, 

Gina xxx 


For FUN Festival nails, see my DIY here. You can exchange these colours for any combination! 


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