Saturday Night | Black and White

It has been a hectic and productive couple of weeks, and I haven’t really been out since my holidays a month ago, so this week I was DYING to go out with my friends for a fun night in town. Not only had I not been out in town for ages, but it also felt like I hadn’t gotten dressed up in so long, and let’s be honest, that is half the fun.

My sister Tara just bought this gorgeous black peplum top and as soon as I saw it on her, I had to borrow it! Although I initially wanted to wear a skirt, it had been raining in Dublin on and off all day so I wore my favourite pair of white skinny jeans.



What I Wore: 

The only thing I will say about this top is that strangely the black colour did transfer onto my white jeans. The top had already been worn and washed so I did find that a little weird. So if you do purchase this top, be careful what fabrics and pieces you wear close to it.



I had such a fun night with all of my friends, enjoyed some Vodka/ Soda / Limes at Odeon, and even ended up in COPPERS! For anyone who has never been to Copper Face Jacks in Dublin, it is one of those places where everyone gets messy! It is such a fun place, but not necessarily the classiest of locations, although it they have seemed to spent a lot of money in dressing up over the last couple of years.

20140728-104221-38541752.jpg  20140728-104220-38540472.jpg

This picture was taken a little later in the evening but I think we still look pretty good! ha.

It had been so long since I had a Coppers stamp on my wrist, I had to capture the moment.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


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