What I wore | World Cup Final

This is a super short post, as it is about the World Cup final, something I am not exactly passionate about, but I did really like my outfit! Unless you have been hidden under a rock, you would know that the world cup has been taking place over the last month or so, and it all came to an end on Sunday. I wasn’t all that invested in the whole thing, but had watched a couple of matches with Conor over the past couple of weeks.

The primary reason that I was watching the final match was for one of my best friends Sean, who is football obsessed and it also happened to be his birthday.

After a lot of research, I finally decided on Argentina as the team I would support during the final…. LOL JK. My nails were painted blue (as usual) and the shade matched the Argentinian flag perfectly. Even though I was going to a bar to watch a game, it made me feel better to be a little bit dressed up. This was a little bit of a dressy/casual look as I wore flats and jeans but if I had popped on a pair of stilettos, the outfit would have worked just as well.

What I Wore: 



The nail polish is Ferris Wheel from Ciate. 

We watched the match in DTwo on Harcourt street in Dublin and the atmosphere was pretty good. I can’t get all that excited about it, because I personally have ZERO interest in the sport, but as matches go it wasn’t the worst. Ha does that sound really bad? I am just not a football person, but when there are drinks involved I enjoy the sport a little more!

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


Another dressy/ casual look, this time for dinner. 


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