Benefit They’re Real push-up liner

I recently received an order from Cara Pharmacy and was delighted to finally get my hands on a Benefit “They’re Real” push up liner. There has been so much hype over this product, that I just had to get my hands on it and see for myself if it lived up to its reputation.


  • So what makes it different from all other liquid liner pens? 

Well for starters; it’s not liquid! It is a gel based liner inside of a pen! I have always loved the depth of black colour that gel liners offer over liquid ones, but my shaky hands always mean that applying gel liner takes about 10 times longer than liquid. I would usually reserve it for nights out when I need lasting wear. This liner doesn’t crumble or cake either, its stays put without cracking, with a deep matte finish.

  • Is application any easier than the usual liquid or gel liners?  

YES! If you look at the images below; the gel liner is contained within a pointed nib- the Accuflex tip, which prevents it from moving wildly about your eyelid. This silicon like tip means that with a slightly steady hand, you simply need to hug along your upper lashes, and the nip of the pen will ensure that the gel is contained where you want it. Pretty fricken clever benefit!

It also makes cat eyes easier with straighter flicks coming from the eye.

20140714-113454-41694015.jpg 20140714-113450-41690858.jpg


Now don’t get me wrong, just like any liner, practice makes perfect. If you have a steady hand and a perfect technique for applying your liner, then you will love how fast you can apply using this products. However, if you are like me and struggle with keeping your eyes even and your ticks on the same gradient, then you will appreciate this products, but still need to put in a little bit of practice before it gets perfect!

20140704-235047-85847839.jpg  20140704-235048-85848813.jpg

The liner is also waterproof which is amazing, but it also means you have to spend a little longer removing your eye makeup than you usually would, so maybe invest in a good eye makeup up remover along with the new Benefit “They’re Real” push up liner.

I purchased mine from Cara Pharmacy, but they can also be found at any Benefit Counter or store.

Have you tried it out yet? What did you think?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.15.51

I am loving my recent sale purchase from Zara, find out more here. 


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