New York 2014

I am going to TRY run through my brief trip to New York as best as I can, but I do not have as much photos as I would like, so please bear with me! I had so much fun, so much food, and plenty of drinks so it has all merged together in my memory!

Day 1: 

I arrived at my best friends apartment on the Lower East Side in the evening, I think about 6 or 7. This was the first time we had seen each other in an entire year! Greta came to visit me last July when I was living in Las Vegas and then she moved to New York while I was still in Vegas. We have kept in touch and talk all the time over watsapp and facetime, but that can’t compare to seeing each other face to face! We had so much to catch up on and I was so excited to get a look at her life in NY. After a quick shower and change we cracked open the vodka and had some sushi delivered for dinner! I was so excited to have a catch up, especially over yummy food and cocktails.

I opted for a really comfy outfit, of my 7 for all mankind shorts (see here), and black and white stripe tee and my River Island snake print slip on trainers.


We headed to the Brass Monkey with Greta’s roommates and the night gets a little blurry from there…. so much fun though! We ended up taking a limo home… very random! I was pretty tired from travelling and I definitely had more than enough drinks, so I headed straight to bed as soon as we got home.



Day 2 was a write off! I was soooooo hungover!!!! 😦

The difference between a vodka soda in Dublin and New York is insane so between the drinks we had before we left and the drinks at the bar, I was more than tipsy! ANYWAY… the day consisted of naps and McDonalds  until about 6pm, I was really annoyed that I missed an entire day due to a hangover, but I made sure that this didn’t happen again for the rest of the trip. That evening, when I could face the world again,  we headed for Tapas and hookah AND Bua (which you can read about here).

Again I stuck with the comfortable clothing, we were not getting dressed up. I don’t have a picture but what I wore was:

10517580_10154326052545643_1925218532590872059_n  10489862_10154326053150643_1167900285657104195_n

 10402933_10154326053065643_9036833680182366772_n  10487234_10154326052250643_8407853823699765371_n

Day 3:

So I forgot to mention that on my first night, when we headed back to the apartment there was a mini party happening in the living room while I was asleep. One of the guys that had come back to the apartment decided he liked my  Marc Jacobs sunglasses and decided to take them home with him. Not ideal but at least it was a ‘friend’ of the girls so I could get them back… it’s a really long story but basically he couldn’t have cared less that he had taken my sunglasses and had no intention of going out of his way to return them… such a gent! Luckily for me, I have the soundest best friend in the world who let me borrow her BEAUTIFUL Ray Bans while my Marcs were sitting in someone’s pocket on the other side of Manhattan. Pretty much as soon as I put them on, they jumped to the top of my wish list.. so if anyone is eager to get me a birthday present they are the gold frame with blue lens in the medium size 😉


This was a really fun day where Greta and I rambled about the Lower East Side and hit up Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Zara etc. I didn’t do that much shopping myself, my main splurge was on a new foundation and mascara in Sephora (review to come later).

We strolled around Union Square, enjoyed some fresh juices which had fun names and enjoyed some people watching.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.45.06

We then headed towards the Flatiron building, which is Greta’s favourite New York building, and that is where we had some delish Shake Shack (read here)

10509590_10154326077015643_995949173017533012_n   10352199_10154326052780643_9048146648053426592_n

I am such a tourist! But if I don’t take cringe pictures of me in front of the Flatiron building, then what will I have to laugh at when I look back on my trip?


We then made our way to 34th and 5th (according to the location services on my phone) and found a Victoria’s Secret sale and got separated in H&M for about half an hour… maybe more!

10428520_10154326097500643_4042910419482734991_n  10513410_10154326052935643_5640249333131405631_n

I have a small addiction of taking pictures of the Empire State building!!!

That night we were supposed to go for a lovely dinner, BUT it was just Greta and I going for food and we did what we always do when we’re getting reading together… took our freakin time! I think it was about 11 before we actually left the apartment! This is not the worst we have been though, we went to Lanzarote together before and most nights we left the apartment at 1am… we are both so laid back that rushing just isn’t an option!

In terms of food options, the later it got, the more limited it became. We did want to sit down for a nice meal but even in New York that can be hard to find at 11pm. We were meeting Greta’s roommate Sarah at her bar at the end of her shift and we were really lucky that the bar next store was serving food. I cannot remember the name of it, but they served the most amazing pate and toast and it really hit the spot! After our meal we decided to do a little bar crawl and visited some of Sarah’s and Greta’s favourite spots!

On our way home we passed Artichoke Pizza, and after hearing all about it, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try it (read all about it here)


I wore:


Day 4:

Greta and I decided to head to Chelsea and Soho for a little bit of shopping and sightseeing. We also thought we would track down Kim Kardashian at her favourite store Jeffrey, but unfortunately she went to the gym instead, ha!

I wore my croc effect leather skirt again, this time with a simple white tee, and black and white Alexander McQueen scarf (can you guess which shoe?? Yup my River Island slip on trainers AGAIN).


Greta and I travelled by Subway because it was way too hot to walk anywhere that day and we were travelling to the other side of the island. Once we got to Chelsea, we visited Aisling who is living the dream and working at DVF.

10426832_10154326076425643_3356163444008397107_n   10441220_10154326076080643_5225026330420212831_n

We took a stroll along The High Line until the heat got too intense, but we are pretty sure we passed the crew of Made in Chelsea as we saw a lot of cameras and lights ect, and later that day one of the members of the cast posted a pic of a nearly identical view! Once we got off the high line, we headed straight to the nearest air-conditioned diner for a cold beer!

1497533_10154326097560643_6753211054629499411_n  10469206_10154326076270643_8182449910226685477_n

I wrote all about L’Entrecote on my last post (read it here), but it is basically the most awesome steak restaurant! We decided for my last night to get dressed up, and coincidentally we all ended up wearing white. I am really loving white on white at the moment!

What I wore:


10464365_10154326098305643_3692147591695667121_n 10511105_10154326098190643_5915936895127655809_n

After dinner we headed to the rooftop bar at 230 on fifth avenue. As you can see from the pictures below, it had an amazing view of the entire city, particularly of the Empire State Building.

10440676_10154326108110643_5324829556698831965_n10500290_10154326107915643_940084179109598503_n10402680_10154326108220643_886942860244645053_n 10421981_10154326098995643_5160821369349862304_n  10513512_10154326098690643_6774736931036634168_n

This bar was beautiful and we had some lovely cocktails, and even jumped into a photo-booth. After a handful of drinks there, we headed back towards the Lower East Side and met up with one of Greta’s friends, and continued to crawl to a couple more bars. He ended up bringing a friend along who happened to be a cop so obviously my first question was “Can I have your Badge” (bear in mind I had been drinking for about 5 hours at this point). Shortly after the bars started to close and we headed home.


And finally, I have one random picture of me with NIALL HORAN! Ha the girls are big fans and have a life-size cardboard cut out in their sitting room. He actually would scare the shit out of me pretty much every time I glanced that way, as I just was never expecting to see that!


On my final day I had to head to the airport at about 4pm so Greta and I just chilled out and ate for a majority of the day. I was so sad leaving her, but I know she’ll be home soon, and until then we still have watsapp and facetime!

I tried to sum it all up as best as possible. I feel like I had such a unique New York experience, in past years I have done some of the more cliché activities like the statue of liberty, and central park etc. But my trip wasn’t about visiting New York, it was about visiting Greta and getting an insight into her life. I had an amazing time thanks to Greta, Sarah and Aisling who were such kind and gracious hosts throughout my visit.

What are your favourite places to visit in New York?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.43.45

The first leg of my trip had me sunning myself in Cancun, read about it here. 


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