New York Foods

I cannot tell you how much I ate in New York, all diet restrictions were thrown out the window and I enjoyed everything from Pizza, to Hotdogs to Cupcakes and Bagels 😛 . Because my bestie Greta lives there, she and her roomies already knew some of the best places to go and I think I enjoyed a little bit of everything!

WARNING: I am terrible at taking pictures of my food, usually because I get too excited about my food arriving that I start eating immediately.

I wanted to do a small roundup of some of my favourite food spots in New York!

On my second day there I was a little hungover, I forgot how strong american measures are and had about 3 drinks too many the night before! As I was not really in the mood for anything in particular and feeling a little fussy, we decided to go for Tapas, that way we could have a taste of everything! We decided on a very cute Tapas Bar called Pata Negra which was close by to the apartment. I enjoyed one glass of Sangria, because I couldn’t handle much more (still hungover) but felt so much better after we ate! We ordered the perfect mix of breads, meats, carbs, fresh veggies and GARLIC PRAWNS (a foundation of my friendship with Greta is based on our mutual obsession with garlic prawns). It was the perfect hangover cure, I usually go for the greasy and heavy option, but this really hit the spot.

This lovely Tapas bar in on the lower east side and I highly recommend it to Tapas lovers. 


Now for the Steak lovers! One of Greta’s roomies, Aisling, suggested we take a trip to L’entrecote which is located in mid-town. Aisling had enjoyed their food before in New York, London and Paris (there could be more locations) and explained that it is a steak restaurant with a difference. Now I am a steak lover, so when Aisling told me that the second and third course were both steak, I was sold! This restaurant was very reasonably priced at about $29 per person and only offers a set menu (there is another option for vegetarians)

  • A light and flavoursome walnut salad to start with
  • Steak (prepared blue, rare, medium or well) with french fries and an amazing secret sauce.
  • A second portion of the above! More meat, fries and the delicious secret sauce!!!!!

I do not have a picture of the food because I just dived in as soon as it landed in front of me, but if you search #lentrecote on instagram, you will see so many foody snaps from their several locations! As far as I am aware, you cannot make a reservation but we visited on a Tuesday so were seated immediately. The next time I am in New York, London, Paris or wherever there is a L’Entrecote restaurant, I will put it on my priority list of places to eat!


When it comes to Pizza, everyone knows that New York is home to some of the best slices, but I usually stick to my personal favourite of pepperoni. Greta told me about Artichoke Pizza, and I thought I could try it even though I can be a picky eater, and if it wasn’t for me, I would just grab a slice of pepperoni instead. WELL! If it had not been recommended to me, I would never have tasted this DELIGHT! The sauce is creamy and buttery with slices or artichoke throughout, not something I would usually go for, but it was delicious! The slices are HUGE and really filling so one is more than enough!

10487300_10154326075575643_2432484196945373170_n 10488072_10154326075655643_6665919837099829728_n

One of Greta’s (and New York’s) favourite foody place was Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, right by the Flatiron building. We were lucky that the line was only about 15 minutes as people line up for hours to get enjoy their infamous burgers, shakes, fries and hotdogs. I wanted to have a Hotdog (when in Rome…. or New York) and this was the perfect place to have a genuine New York hotdog. The bonus is that Shake Shack clearly state that the hotdogs are all natural without any hormones or antibiotics etc, I mean you do hear gross stories about the origins and ingredients in hotdogs in general.

Well I can see why it is so popular. The setting alone is gorgeous, but the food is really good! YUM definitely need to go back some day!


Unfortunately I do not have anymore foody pics to share, but I can tell you that I enjoyed an amazing grilled cheese and bacon sandwich at BUA which is a very cool Irish bar with a delicious cocktail menu. There were a couple of days where we ate in the apartment and I enjoyed a delicious and filling BLT Bagel, an enormous amount of shrimp sushi, a dunkin dounuts and of course a McDonalds!

10487234_10154326052250643_8407853823699765371_n      10336647_10154326097640643_7076052650531717078_n

We decided to have an apres meal hookah session, very random but we had a couple of cocktails with our pineapple and something Hookah.

Also I am DEVO that I forgot to enjoy these tiny cupcakes we picked up in Soho. I actually waited in line for these tiny bad boys and didn’t even get a chance to enjoy them! Silly me! But they smelt amazing.

If I stayed in New York much longer I don’t think I would have been able to close my jeans! But I had an amazing time and every bite was worth it! What are your favourite food spots in NYC? Have you tried any of the places I visisted?

Thanks for reading,



You can see some of my Cancun trip here.  


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