DIY cutting Jeans into Shorts | Seven For All Mankind DIY

While packing for my holidays this year I realised that I had a shortage of denim shorts and instead of hitting the shops, I searched my wardrobe as I have so many pairs of jeans that I never even wear these days. I decided on a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans for a couple of reasons:

  • They are a little bit big on me and you do not want your shorts to fit you too well. You always want a little bit of wiggle room in a pair of shorts, otherwise even toned legs can look a little chubby.
  • They are a bootcut style, and I cannot remember the last time I wore a bootcut pair of jeans.
  • The colour was exactly what I wanted, all of my other jean shorts are light/distressed denim.


Here is a very simple step by step of how to turn your jeans into jean shorts:

  • Cut the jeans a good bit longer than you know you will want them, for me is was just above the knee.
  • Try them on and assess exactly how long you would want them. I rolled the fabric up until I found the exact length I wanted. Then take a pen/ marker and mark where you should cut. I gave myself an extra inch of fabric at the end, because I wanted to roll up a hem. If you do not want a hem at the bottom then I would still recommend giving yourself an extra quarter-inch or so, as the fabric will fray over time, shortening the jeans further.
  • Once you have cut the fabric you have the choice of either fraying it with a scissors or letting it fray by itself. I chose to let them fray with wear.
  • This is an optional step: take the scissors to the outer seam of the jeans and cut a triangle/ pyramid shape with the seam in the exact center/ peak. This is not necessary, this is a personal choice as it widens the end of the shorts ever so slightly and gives the impression of slimmer thighs.
  • I then took a needle and thread and added a couple of stitches to the seam to reinforce it. Could you imagine the seam unravelling or giving way while wearing them?!

And that was that. I know the jeans will fray at the end, but I am happy to let that happy over time through wear, rather than forcing it.

IMG_1556   20140628-142319-51799943.jpg

And that’s it! I love my new shorts, and I think I have already had more wear out of them as shorts than I ever did while they were bootcut jeans!

I did a DIY Embellishment post a while back, where I added gold studs to some denim shorts, so if you are looking to customise your shorts, click here. 

Thanks for reading, good luck with your DIY projects!

Gina xxx


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