Cancun June 2014

I am just back from one of the best trips of my life!!!! I have been looking forward to this for so long and I cannot believe it is over already! This month I was so lucky to visit Cancun in Mexico for the first time, and fly from there to New York City to visit my best friend. There is so much that I could share about the trip so I will try and break it down a little bit.

Flying to Cancun was a little bit stressful as I hate long haul flights, but this was the only leg of my trip where I wasn’t flying alone. Our flight from London did get delayed for two hours which was annoying, but what made things worse was that we were on the plane, on the runway, and the captain kept telling us how “this never happens”… One of the engines wouldn’t start after several attempts (this makes me nervous, I do not want to be over the Atlantic when the engine decides to stop working again!!!!) So the captain assures us that if they start it manually it will be fine, and this only happens 1% of the time (I do not like those odds), but guess what, it didn’t start manually either (At this point I feel like I am in the opening scene of that final destination movie and I want to get off!!!) After two hours we are finally taking off and even though I am a little on edge, the airline start to hand out snacks so I am put a little at ease (comfort eating).

IMG_1376 IMG_1377

Conor & I flying from Dublin-London-Cancun. Not sure how happy he will be about me sharing him asleep on the plane.

So that was basically the only negative/ annoying side of this trip, once we arrived in Mexico it only got better and better. We were staying at The Grand Oasis resort (see it here), which I wasn’t looking forward to it all that much as I had read some terrible reviews and we were visiting during rain season. It turns out I had nothing to be worried about! The hotel was beautiful, our balcony was over looking the sea, our room was spacious and all white, there was a large closet, a flat screen TV, a stocked mini fridge (it is an all-inclusive resort so everything in the mini fridge was complimentary) and a pretty big bathroom. I was delighted!!! I asked staff at the hotel when we arrived what the weather had been like, as according to my iPhone it had been raining constantly for about a week and there was no sign of it stopping. Well, they thought this was pretty funny, it had been blue skies and 30 degrees all week and when it did rain it lasted about 15 minutes. (It did rain for a couple of times while I was there and it was really short but also really refreshing)

IMG_1378  IMG_1381

The day after we arrived, Jet Lag had us awake at 4am so at about 6am we sat on our balcony and enjoyed the sunrise.

*side note; it is times like this I feel really mature, in past holidays I probably would have caught the sunrise on the way home from the bar, rather than after a decent night sleep!



Day 1 I got SUNBURNT 😦 . Believe it or not I had been wearing SPF 50 and applied it a couple of times throughout the day but I still managed to get really burnt! What made it even more annoying was that I was wearing my red and black H&M bikini (see it here) and it left a HUGE white mark from the straps!!! It looked really cool on but these giant white stripes meant I could not wear any of the strapless, halter or camis that I had brought with me as I just looked rediculous!!!! Next time I will be investing in factor 80 or 100!!!!

I treated my sunburn with:

  • Cold baths
  • Black tea (soak a couple of black tea bags in water for an hour and then apply to the skin with a cloth)
  • Aloe Vera
  • After sun.
  • Keeping the skin covered and protected from the sun.

IMG_1402 IMG_1403

I love this little sundress! My mum got it for me when I lived in Las Vegas last year and I wear it every chance I get!


The beach at our resort was absolutely beautiful! The water was a stunning turquoise blue and I just couldn’t resist a cliche hotdogs or legs picture!

IMG_1414  IMG_1515

There was a friendly peacock roaming the grounds which I loved! He seemed to have a small area where he would hang out and didn’t mind strolling through crowds of people. I was much happier to see the peacock than some of the other creatures that roamed free in the resort, which included lizards and iguanas!!!!

 IMG_1415  IMG_1411IMG_1417

The world cup started while we were away and I was such a nice girlfriend to Conor as I watched lots of matches and drank a lot of beer too, although to be fair he has watched a lifetime’s worth of The Real Housewives, Kardashians, Made in Chelsea…. the list goes on, so I probably owe him a couple more matches!

I thought the banner Senor frogs put out for the world cup was hilarious…. 20014?!

IMG_1473  IMG_1480  IMG_1486   IMG_1512

Conor and I stayed in the resort most nights but we did venture out to the main ‘strip’ in Cancun for a fun night. That small area of Cancun is INSANE! It is a really short street with about 20 bars and clubs crammed in. There are so many people trying to jam into the clubs and bars, so many promoters yelling at you that they have the best deal, and a surprising large amount of people dressed as The Mask (you know that Jim Carrey movie). It was Bizarre but really fun!


I will be doing a couple of fashion posts of what I was wearing while away, but I was so pleased that I finally got to wear my Matthew Williamson kaftan that has only been worn once before this. I will post full details about this look very soon!

IMG_1509      IMG_1517

This resort was absolutely stunning and I loved taking walks along the beach with Conor. The views were unlike anywhere I had been before and I would love to go back again!

IMG_1513  IMG_1514

IMG_1528     IMG_1540

Conor has the sweetest tradition of buying me roses when we are away on holidays, in the past he has gone to flower markets, but this time he bought two roses from one of the street vendors when he was a little tipsy…. it made me feel like I was in Wezz again! HA!


The view from the plane flying out of Cancun, look at that water!

I had an amazing time in Cancun, I will be posting some outfit pics soon, but I have to admit I didn’t take all that many while I was away! I will have to recreate the looks now that I am home.

Where are you visiting this Summer?

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 13.26.14

I posted my list of products and treatments I used t0 prepare for this holiday, read about them here. 


2 thoughts on “Cancun June 2014

  1. Saw your blog from a post on pinterest. Was relieved to read it as we are taking our kids and parents to the Grand Oasis in 3 weeks for a vacation and have also read the bad reviews (but we got an amazing deal through groupon). Any tips or hotel suggestions? Obviously we won’t be doing the club scene with two young teens 😉 Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jen,

      It did seem like some of the rooms had been refurbished more recently than others. Our room was all white and very modern, so I would request one of those rooms if possible. It included a large television, an alarm clock radio with an iPhone dock, air con worked perfectly and a mini fridge of beers and sodas. I didn’t need much more, it was very clean and comfortable.
      The resort is really beautiful, there are two big pools, one is really busy with loud music and dance contest, the other is a little more peaceful and relaxing.
      The beach is stunning, and as all of the resorts are so close you can stroll up the beach and take a look at some of the other hotels too.
      My favourite restaurant in the resort was the brazilian steak house, and there is a lovely buffet with views of the sea. Although all of the restaurants are lovely, many of them offer quite similar food.
      I was only there for a short trip so I can’t give you too much information but I had a great time there, hope you do too.
      Gina 🙂

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