Discovering Depop | Decluttering my Wardrobe

I am a huge lover of ebay and so far I have had some great experiences purchasing off of it, yes you are buying someone else’s items, but I figure a lot of people are like me and only wear a dress once or twice, or even have things in their wardrobes that they have never worn!

Recently I joined Depop which is an app that mixes the idea of ebay with the social media aspect of Instagram. This platform has become really popular, mainly for it’s ease of use. There are no costs to posting your items, Depop simply take a commission on the items that you sell, unlike other sites which have upfront fees.

I am known as a hoarder, I HATE to throw anything away but recently I have become quite good at wardrobe clear outs, and usually offer up my items to family and friends, but I decided to give Depop a go! I spent Saturday night (exciting weekend) sorting through my wardrobe and found so many items that I had not worn in years, or in some cases EVER ( I’m so bad at returning things to shops if they don’t suit me).

So here is a glimpse at some of the pieces I have put up so far.



This is an example of one piece that I have never worn. It has been in my wardrobe for about 2 years now and has never seen the light of day! It is available on my depop for €10, but I am open to offers.


This scuba material dress from River Island still has its tag on! I bought it for Summer holidays and then didn’t have enough room in my suitcase to actually take it! I have this posted for €20, but I am open to offers!

20140622-004532-2732239.jpg 20140622-004532-2732686.jpg

Click here to see all of the items I have for sale including unworn Summer wedges, Chanel sunglasses and so many dresses!!!! 

Are you on Depop? Link me to your account below!

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


I have an obsession with blue polish, and I have posted about my three favourite shades here! 


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