Holiday Preparation

YAY! Today I am off on holidays!!!!! I am flying out to Cancun for a couple of days and then flying to NYC to be reunited with my bestie who has been living there since October… I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I have been preparing for this trip for a couple of weeks and here is my checklist for anyone planning their own holidays:

  • I visited my favourite salon in Dublin, Hyde Grooming.Beauty and I had a couple of treatments:
    HD Eyebrows; I love this treatment and as someone who had naturally thin and fair eyebrows, I like to have my eyebrows shaped and tinted for beach holidays, as I will be going makeup free. The HD tint give my eyebrows a natural look that lasts for weeks. This treatment costs about €35.
    Eyelash tint; Again this is a great treatment for going makeup free which makes a big difference. In the past I have also opted for semi permanent lashes but this time I decided to keep it simple and low maintenance.
    Waxing; obvious reasons, no need for further explanation. (ask for Steph, she is brilliant!)
  • Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 09.52.32
  • I kicked up my moisturising routine, or at least I stuck to it in recent weeks. I recently blogged about a body butter that I picked up in Dealz (read about it here) and I have been applying it daily. I try to do it every night but I am totally guilty of slacking off from time to time, so with the holiday approaching I made sure I applied it every night before bed (it is a little too heavy to apply in the morning).
    Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 13.21.18
  • NIP + FAB Tummy Fix: It is hard to say whether or not this actually works; I have been eating relatively clean and exercising regularly so my stomach has toned up a little anyway, but this cream, when applied daily, claims to sculpt the skin and promote elasticity, makes the skin appear firmer while also hydrating it. The skin around my stomach definitely feels smoother and softer but I couldn’t imagine this working without diet and exercise. It is definitely not a miracle cream that will tighten and shrink a tummy without clean eatting and exercise, unfortunately.
    Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 13.26.14
  • Macadamia Oil; I have been a HUGE fan of this oil for about 3 years now. I notice the difference immediatley when I apply this product to my hair, particularly as I am a fiend for colouring and heat stylying my hair. As much as this oil is an essential, the price is not ideal so I always keep an eye out for it in TK Maxx, where I have purchased a full size and a smaller travel size, at a heavily discounted price.
    Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 16.26.03
  • Tanning: I am pale and freckly, it is a fact of life and I have made my peace with it. I know I will not get a tan on this holiday, I just hope I don’t burn! For this holiday I have applied Cocoa Brown one hour tan and I am bringing the travel set with me which includes a tan, tough stuff scrub and chocolate whip moisturiser. I am also bringing liquid Sally Hansen tan to apply on nights out , but I would recommend washing this tan off when you get back from a night out as this stuff is like make up and will ruin fabrics and also feels a little heavy on the skin.

I think I covered the basics here anyway, I have obviously packed a lot more products with me and I will post about some of them when I return. As mentioned I will be away for the next two weeks so there will be very little activity on here Β from me.

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx


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