Summer Blues

I have an obsession with blue nail polishes; any shade, any finish, it doesn’t matter! The main reason I like blue polish is due to the fact that it goes with everything! Seriously; try think of a colour that blue clashes with; Pink? nope. Red? Nah. Yellow? They look great together! I know that it may not be the most professional colour, especially if you are attending any interviews or meetings, but if you are looking for a fun mani/ pedi colour that will go with just about anything on a Friday or Saturday night, then blue is the polish for you, or at least it’s for me!

Depending on my mood I go from light and subtle pastels to bold and metallic polishes and I have acquired quite a large collection at this point.

Soft & Subtle: Raindrop from NYC 

I picked up this NYC nail polish at Penneys in Dundrum back in February and I cannot remember the exact price but I am pretty sure it was less than €2… can anyone verify that?! I love this shade of blue, very soft and feminine. On a side note that is not my diamond ring; I work at ESL Jewellery and a really fun part of my job is trying on exquisite pieces of fine jewellery.

20140529-140143-50503764.jpg  20140529-140108-50468090.jpg

metallic Blue; Essie

I blogged about this polish last year and I am still obsessed with it! Aruba Blue from Essie is a deep and dark polish that is a great alternative for anyone who likes to wear black and burgundy polishes. It has a bright and metallic finish so it is very eye catching.

20140529-140108-50468502.jpg 20140529-140109-50469944.jpg

Bold & Beautiful; H&M 

I have gone through a couple of these polishes from H&M called Blue my Mind as it my all time favourite. The colour is bold and makes a statement and actually goes with EVERYTHING. Funnily enough I am wearing it at this moment in time as a type, although not that surprising as I really do wear it all the time!

20140529-140108-50468835.jpg 20140529-140109-50469171.jpg

I realise that not everybody is going to have the same passion for blue polish as I do, but I would highly recommend picking up one of these nail polishes for your collection to try it out!

What is your go to nail colour?

Thank you for reading
Gina xxx 


2 thoughts on “Summer Blues

  1. I’m lovin’ your nails! Blue has always been my favorite color for nails. It just seem to have a level of, I guess “class,” that red or pink don’t have.

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