Double Pearls | Dior Inspiration

Lately I have spotted so many celebrities, bloggers and instagrammers sporting the fabulous “Mise en Dior” double pearl earrings which Dior call tribal…. where can I find this tribe that sports oversized pearls????
Pearl studs are, and will always be, a classic piece of jewellery, and in my opinion an essential! However, if you are like me, and destined to lose one stud from every pair you own, they do not necessarily need to be real pearls (that would get expensive VERY quickly).

What intrigued me about these earrings in particular is that ‘tribal’, or what I would even consider punk, twist on a classic. It is ladylike, pretty and elegant, while also being slightly edgy and different from anything else I have seen.

20140514-123352.jpg    20140514-123347.jpg

pictures; Pinterest

As you can see above, both Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are both fans of the Dior double pearl style, and can undoubtedly afford the £260 price tag. I, however, could not, and would not, pay that much for a pair of earrings which;

  1. I would probably lose
  2. May only be a trend that does not last the test of time.
    (I like to invest in classic pieces that I know I will have for years)

20140514-123340.jpg  20140514-123335.jpg

To test out this style I took to Ebay (my new addiction) and found a similar pair for only €4.20 (FIND THEM HERE). I had a choice of Blue, Gold, Purple, Grey Blue, Brown, Black and White. I opted for the Grey Blue pair as I have so many white and cream pearl studs, I thought I may as well go all out with a new style and new colour (so WILD of me).

As I mentioned, this pair cost less than €5, so I did need patience; delivery took between 2 and 3 weeks but I wasn’t in a huge rush for them so I didn’t mind the wait.

20140514-123327.jpg       20140514-123320.jpg

The only tiny negative I have with the earrings (because I am a worrier) that they do not seem to clasp very securely. They do claps, are not lose and stay on but I am just thinking ahead of a night where I will be fussing with my hair and will likely knock the earring out. If that does actually happen though, I am sure I can splash out on another pair.


What do you think of this style of earring? Would you splash out on a pair at Dior?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


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