Nudes and Neutrals


I have a confession to make; within the space of one week I did wear this exact outfit twice… SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! You know that feeling when you just love a certain look, and after you have worn it, you can’t quite put together another outfit that feels as good on. I have always had a thing for beige/browns/ creams combinations, there has always been something very chic about it to me, and I love how the addition of a little sequin or leopard adds effortless glam.

The two occasions which I wore this outfit was; A day trip to Howth with Conor for food and festivities, and then on a weekday trip to the cinema with my girl friend Siobhan.

20140506-164512.jpg 20140506-164501.jpg 20140506-164454.jpg 20140506-164443.jpg


20140506-164718.jpg 20140506-164708.jpg 20140506-164652.jpg 20140506-164644.jpg

20140506-164615.jpg  20140506-164623.jpg


20140506-164725.jpg  20140506-164733.jpg

It was pretty tough to show you how gorgeous the details of this jumper are, but I tried my best. See below how the back swings open with a chiffon insert and the back and the sequin shoulder details.

20140506-164559.jpg 20140506-164552.jpg



Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


I wore these EXACT jeans a couple of weeks ago, check out my post here. 


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