A Tale of Two Reds

As I mentioned in a previous post (Maybeline 3 for 2), I freak out when I arrive at Boots and see 3 for 2 signs. I usually go with intention of making one purchase, usually a necessity, and then get completely distracted by the bargains available.

This week I had lipsticks on the brain, even though I already have several red lipsticks, I felt I needed something a little more Summery. Most of my red lipsticks are deep and dark so I was on the hunt for a orange-red and coral-red. Although they sound very similar, they really are completely different… well, maybe not completely but it is still necessary to have one of each!

First up is the Orange-Red which is from the Rimmel Moisture Renew range. The shade is called In Love with Ginger and this is a creamy and soft lipstick with a bold red colour and a burst of orange pigment. This lipstick is glossy with a soft shine and feels great to wear. Yes you will have to reapply every couple of hours, mainly after eating or drinking, but it does not dry out the lips or leave any heavy residue. This shade is really easy to wear and I think would suit almost all skin tones.

Of course, like all Rimmel products, you cannot ignore the price, only €7.95! You can buy yours here at Boots.ie. 

20140508-185356.jpg 20140508-185351.jpg 20140508-185402.jpg

And now for the Coral-Red; I decided, not only to opt for a different shade, but also a different finish. Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 110 is a creamy matte lipstick in what initially looks like a red, but actually resembles more of a neon coral with red undertones when worn. Usually I have an issue with matte lipsticks, in that I find them drying and irritating to my lips and usually end up swapping them for a lip balm after an hour or two. Somehow Rimmel have formulated a bright and bold matte lipstick that is creamy and feels great to wear for hours on end…. weird right?! I have always been a fan of the Kate Moss x Rimmel range, in the winter I live in shade 107 which is a deep dark red, this bright red/ coral shade is a great alternative for Summer. The pigment is great and it lasts for hours, again I did reapply after eating or drinking, but that is just life!

So this lipstick was my freebie, the 3 for 2 at Boots means that the cheapest item is free, and this lipstick is only €6.99! Buy it here.

20140508-185426.jpg 20140508-185414.jpg20140508-185421.jpg

Ok so my iPhone pictures don’t do the lipsticks all of the justice they deserve, and it they don’t seem drastically different, so I have a swatch below to showcase the differences between the two reds.

20140508-185446.jpg 20140508-185441.jpg

On top is the matte Kate Moss x Rimmel shade 110 and on the bottom is the Moisture Renew Rimmel In Love with Ginger. Side by side you can really see the different tones and finishes of the lipsticks. In my eyes they are both Summer essentials and I know I will be wearing them both a lot in the coming months!

Now I know what your thinking, can this girl not count? How is it 3 for 2 and she only bought 2 lipsticks… well I didn’t swatch my third lipstick because I was sticking with my favourite one of all time; Nude Delight from Rimmel, see my review of that lipstick here. Although I actually have 2 of these already, I like to keep spares… the feeling of leaving the house without Nude Delight makes me nauseous… slightly dramatic but I like my Nude Delight!

Who has been wearing these lipsticks?

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 19.10.31

When I am not wearing red or nude lipsticks, I am probably wearing a pink; check out my favourite pinks here! 


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