Bargain Beauty | False Lashes | Body Butter | Nivea Cream

Like most people, I cannot resist a good bargain, which is why I make regular visits to the Dealz store close to my house. If you have not visited a Dealz yet, you are missing out!!!  This store is packed with a variety of products, all prices at €1.49.

Now not everything is actually worth it; I have made some purchases which just weren’t worth the euro fifty, for example; while I had a cold I bought a double box of tissues which were really rough and sore on my nose and I have also had velcro rollers that I almost had to cut out of my hair! However, there are some great bargains to be found, that are more than worth their €1.49 price tag.


2 sets for (you guessed it) €1.49! The brand name is Allura, and there are a couple of different styles available at Dealz. Whenever possible I pick up the most natural looking pair. Now the eyelashes are a bargain, but I would suggest investing in a high quality eyelash glue. I personally use this Duo glue. The eyelashes are great quality, but to ensure the best look I recommend; trimming the width of eyelashes so that they sit naturally along the lash line and before application bending the strip of lashes to loosen them up, and stop them from being so stiff. This ensures comfort while you wear them.

Nivea soft moisturiser:

A well-known cream that is incredibly handy to have. I use it on my face, my elbows, my hands, my neck…. I carry it around in my bag all the time just incase dry skin strikes.

Mellor & Russell Macadamia Oil body butter:

This is an amazing product that I have started to buy in bulk! I love this body butter, it is luxurious and nourishing to the skin and even smells good! It is a little heavy so I only use it at night as it would take far too long to wait for it to dry before getting dressed in the morning. It has been great for my skin, helps extend the lifespan of my false tan and even helped repair some stubborn dry patches of skin.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 09.52.32

The other side to Dealz is a little more dangerous, as you will find mountains of chocolate, crisps, biscuits….. so many delicious treats for only…. can you guess…. yup: €1.49! It is amazing if you are having a foody feast but a nightmare if you are trying to cut down on your chocolate intake.

Have you picked up any must have products at Dealz? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, 

Gina xxx 


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