Pink jeans

20140429-152811.jpg  20140429-152759.jpg

All throughout winter I felt stuck in a monochrome rut, I was living in my black jeans and white blazers, but now that the sun has been making some glorious appearances in Dublin lately, I cannot get enough colour.

20140429-152619.jpg 20140429-152612.jpg 20140429-152549.jpg 20140429-152538.jpg


20140429-152529.jpg  20140429-152505.jpg  20140429-152458.jpg

I have been using my W7 In The Buff eye palette a lot lately, and I used it on this particular day to create a nude eye by simply highlighting below the brow and in the tear duct, and a very light brown across the eyelid.

20140429-152716.jpg 20140429-152729.jpg


20140429-152640.jpg 20140429-152651.jpg20140429-152752.jpg  20140429-152746.jpg

I bought these pink jeans several years ago and did a DIY ripped effect on them. I achieved this look by cutting the jeans with a scissors and fraying areas of the jeans using a knife and cheese grater. Lucky for me the trend of bright colours and ripped jeans come back in most Summers, and these jeans kill two birds with one stone.


How are you wearing bright colours this Summer?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 19.10.44

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