Muji Acrylic Drawers

Since moving back from Las Vegas in November, I have slowly (and affordably) been tackling my room with decorative features and organizers. This week I visited one of my favourite shops, MUJI, and purchased a set of acrylic drawers for holding my make up.

If you have not been to Muji yet (On Chatham st, just off of Grafton st), you will love it! Every kind of organiser you can think of is there, and it is all very affordable. This set of drawers only cost €24.99 which I though was good value.

20140408-210456.jpg   20140408-210449.jpg

This is the set here; both drawers pull out but the top lid also lifts for complete ease of access. These drawers are not as large as some sets you may see online, but they fit a good amount of make up in them.

20140408-210400.jpg  20140408-210407.jpg

I will need to invest in a couple of more drawers, but for now I have one shelf full of my face make up, and it fits in quite a lot. I wanted to demonstrate the capacity of the drawer as honest as possible.

20140408-210431.jpg 20140408-210423.jpg

The second shelf is filled with eye make up, but with many products I could have stacked as the drawer is deep enough for two levels of eyeshadow.


Applying my make up is now so much easier. I can find all of my little pieces much better. I think I will invest in a couple of more drawers soon enough, but for now I have managed to fit a large collection of my makeup inside. As you can see here, I decided to stack my other makeup organiser on top, read about that one here.

What are your organising essentials? Please link me

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx


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