Cocoa Brown: Day and Night Tan Mousse

Cocoa Brown tan; One hour tan & Day and Night tan mousse

I have been using the Cocoa Brown Day & Night Tan Mousse for so long now and can’t believe I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it yet! The first time I tried this particular Cocoa Brown tan I did not have a great experience, however that was mainly due to the fact that I had not exfoliated properly before and had also applied a little too much product on my skin.

I am delighted that I gave it a second chance as I have been using it religiously for about 2 months now. The idea that a tan can be day and night really intrigued me, and basically what this means is that when you initially apply the tan, it is dark and perfect for a night out. The next day when you shower, a lot of the colour washes away and you are left with a natural glow that lasts up to 5 days: PERFECT!

Below are the INSTANT results from applying the Day & Night tan mousse; as you can see the left leg is bare and has no product applied, the right leg has a layer of Day & Night Tan Mousse applied.

Cocoa Brown day & night tan mousse, before and after, beauty review. Cocoa Brown day & night tan mousse, before and after, beauty review.

What I like about the tan: 

  • The colour is dark without looking unnatural (not orange at all)
  • The tan dries very quickly (but I wouldn’t recommend putting on your favourite white dress immediately after applying the product)
  • The smell is actually nice and in no way biscuity
  • It is so affordable (€7.99)
  • A little goes a long way so the bottle I used last for about 10 full body applications (although sometimes I wouldn’t apply it to my stomach/ back etc any areas that were covered)
  • The tan is most effective when you match it with the other Cocoa Brown products, such as the Tough Stuff exfoliator and Chocolate Whip moisturiser.

What I am not completely crazy about: 

  • As the product stains the skin so quickly, you have to be fast with applying it evenly all over. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just means that if someone calls while you’re in the middle of applying the product, continue with what you are doing and let the call go to voicemail!

Any other Cocoa Brown fans?

Happy tanning,

Gina xxx

Cocoa Brown goody bag: Chocolate Whip, 1 hour tan and Tough Stuff

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