DIY Balayage hair 2

Thank you for checking out DIY Balayage 2, my original post has been my most popular post to date, and was even on page one of google search for the phrase “DIY Balayage“. Thank you to everyone who has checked that post out, and hopefully you will enjoy this post just as much. I now have DIY Balayage 3, which is a much more subtle look. Check it out here. 

It has been about 6 months since I last coloured my hair (see DIY Balayage here), but that is the beauty of Balayage style hair, the upkeep is very low maintenance as there is no need for root touch ups. As I mentioned in my past post of DIY Balayage, I have had my hair coloured in Balayage style for several years now, but in the last year I have been colouring it myself. I always watched how the hairdressers achieved the style and what techniques they used on my hair and I will be showing my variation of that Balayage technique to you through my instructions and pictures today.

As you can see from these three pictures, my Balayage colour had grown out a lot in the past six months, and seeing as Summer is approaching, I wanted to bring some light and bright hair to my face and update the colour. My natural colour is dark brown so I like to lighten the ends with a dark blonde colour.

DIY Balayage before hair treatmentDIY Balayage at home hair treatmentDIY Balayage at home hair treatment


  • A highlighting / colour kit; I chose L’Oreal Paris, Prefernce Wild Ombre for light brown to dark blonde (in the past I used to the medium to dark brown but I wanted to go a little lighter this time)
  • A comb; for some very intense backcombing
  • At least 3 hair clips for sectioning your hair
  • An old tee-shirt/ jumper/ sweatshirt/ towel/ bath robe…. something that you can stain with the colour.

L'oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombre hair colour | DIY Balayage      L'oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombre hair colour | DIY Balayage

*Please read the instructions of the hair colour carefully, and pay particular attention to any allergy warnings. Each kit varies with length of time the colour should set, and how you should mix the products. 

Step 1: 

I sectioned my hair into 5 areas: 1 along my center parting, 2 on the top half of the side of my head and then 2 on bottom of both sides.

Sectioning off hair for DIY Balayage hair treatment

Step 2: 

Taking smaller sections of each section I backcombed, starting at the roots, and worked my way down to the mid-length of the hair. The reason for this is to prevent solid chunks of colour, and ensuring all of the hair blends in a natural looking way. The backcombed hair is untouched by dye, so at the end when it is brushed down, the brown breaks up the blonde perfectly.

 Back Comb hair for DIY Balayage hair at home Back Comb hair for DIY Balayage hair at home Back Comb hair for DIY Balayage hair at home

Step 3:

YES this is insane looking, but if you are looking for blended colour, rather than chunks of blonde, this is the best way to achieve that. Once you have backcombed one section, apply the colour to the remaining hair, from mid to end of the hair. Continue with this process through each section until you have coloured the entire head.

  DIY Balayage hair treatment at home

Which may look like this! The instructions suggested leaving the colour for 20-45 minutes, depending on how light you want your hair. As I already had some colour in my hair, I decided to keep the colour in for 30 mins.

Step 4: 

Check one strand of hair to see if the desired colour has been achieved. Once you are satisfied, wash out the colour using warm water.

Before I got to take my ‘After’ pictures, I must warn you, about 30 minutes of my time was spent slowly and gently brushing out the backcombing. You can damage your hair if you try to brush out these tangles too quickly or aggressively so please be gently and take your time.


DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour   DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour

I am really happy with how my Balayage colour turned out, it is bright and summering, without looking unnatural.

  DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour

To keep my colour bright and shiny I use a Macadamia oil in my hair which helps keep it healthy.

DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour DIY Balayage hair treatment at home | Ombre hair colour

I tried to take as natural pictures as possible by standing at the Window but as you can see the shades change slightly. I hope it gives you an honest idea of what to expect when you DIY Balayage at home.

Thank you for checking out my post, I would love to hear if you are colouring your hair at home, and what techniques are you using! 

Gina xxx


I have a more recent DIY Balayage post up now, this is for a much more subtle look. Check it out here. 

I have added a section to my blog which is dedicated to hair colouring and care. You can see all of my hair posts here. 


14 thoughts on “DIY Balayage hair 2

  1. This balayage worked out so well! I have a few friends with really dark hair and it hasn’t always worked out as well for them! I’ll have to pass this on to them! Macadamia oil is meant to be amazing, I’ll have to get some! Aragon oil is also meant to be another great oil, not to much for the hair but for the face! 🙂

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  5. Hi,
    I’m just wondering what your advise would be for someone with long dark hair who has recently coloured it? I no ” colour doesn’t lift colour ” would u still recommend this method if I were to use a bleach or something like that instead if the ombré kit?


    • Hi Em,

      I wouldn’t feel confident in telling you to put bleach or colour over coloured hair. You hear horror stories of the chemicals reacting off of each other and ruining your hair. The first time I had balayage done I went to a salon, and my hairdresser knew I had coloured hair. In this case I would recommend leaving it to a professional just incase your hair does react badly.

      Hope that helps
      Gina 🙂

    • That is it exactly. This means that the end of the hair has been lightened, and when you wash the dye and brush the hair back down, your natural colour (the backcombed hair that was not dyed) will blend in with the coloured part. The aim with this technique is to prevent you from having large areas of hair that are one colour at the end, and having an even mix of your natural colour with the lightened colour. I hope that helps 🙂 Gina x

  6. This is fucking gorgeous omg! I’m gonna try this tonight. You’re the only one that explained this well enough to give me confidence to try it🙈 thank you! X

  7. Wow this looks amazing! Your hair looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for this DIY, I have no patience at the salon and this detailed step by step process will make this process so much easier for me. You should also check out this DIY on how to balayage hair, maybe you can get tips from each other! Thanks again! 🙂

  8. Very nice color
    I have ombre hair can i use this kit to change it to balayage. I want it sooo much but m afraid of the resulting color .plz help ‎:S

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