Body-Con Bikini


I know it is only April, and I don’t even have anything booked for the summer, BUT I could not walk past these bikinis in H&M and not snap them up! Unfortunately I actually only purchased a bikini and a half because I could not find my size in the raspberry bottoms but I can match it up with one of the pairs of black bottoms I have in my closet!

These bikini styles really stood out to me due to their sporty-luxe aesthetic and bandage style. They remind me slightly of Herve Leger pieces, but unlike the Herve Leger bikinis, these pieces cost between €8-€15, not €600!

20140401-200550.jpg 20140401-200537.jpg

I am sure as the Summer approaches I will purchase more bikinis but as these were a little different, and not the usual bandeau or triangle styles, I figured I better grab them while I could! Now to work on the bikini bod….


Apologies if you wanted to see what the bikinis actually look like on (see the beautiful H&M model wear them here) , BUT I am no where close to having a Bikini-ready Body! In Fact, trying on these bikinis really kicked my ass in term of my fitness and diet… I like to live in a fantasy world where I eat healthy and exercise regularly BUT seeing myself in the mirror really snapped me out of that illusion. Nothing puts the fear of sugar in me more than trying on a bikini and having no way of hiding my jiggly bits! I think my next post will be focused on diet and exercise and I would love some feedback from you with tips and tricks of avoiding fatty foods and getting my ass off the couch!

Have you seen any exciting and interesting swimwear lately? Please send me links!

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx  

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 16.25.41

Read about my recent purchase here; Penneys Wedges for €15! 


4 thoughts on “Body-Con Bikini

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  2. Would you please tell me how it fits? I want to order online but know how what size would work for me 🙂

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