Mini Rimmel haul

Where would I be without liquid liner and bronzer? My daily make up routine features a slick of liquid liner along my top lash line to define my eyes and my face has some slight contouring and colour brought to it through bronzer. While I am on the subject, this is a big pet peeve of mine, mainly because I was guilty of it for SO MANY YEARS; Wearing a foundation that is too dark for you! A much better alternative is to wear a foundation that matches your own skin tone and then build up a little bit of colour through bronzer along your jawline, under your cheek bones and along the hairline of your face. This looks a lot more natural and sunkissed.

Ok so here is my mini haul from Boots:

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Liner: 

I like using pens rather than skinny little brushes, I can get a good hold on it and line my eyes the way I line a page. This pen is pretty easy to use and the colour goes on evenly. You still need a steady enough hand but I personally prefer this chunkier pen style compared to some daintier alternatives. The nib of the pen is pretty fine, but it is sturdy so you can line your eyes with ease. It also dries pretty quickly, this is handy for me as I always seem to sneeze right after I have applied liquid liner, and then get a perfect refelection of said liner inbetween my brows and eyes….. NOT a good look!

I like using this pen for an everyday look, however the colour does not seem to stay on as strong as I would like, after a couple of hours of wear. I do stress that the colour is great and just looses that dramatic black look after many hours of wear.  It is for that reason that I prefer wearing gel liner on nights out, as it lasts all night and keeps that bold black colour.

Available in Boots for €6.95

20140215-121256.jpg  20140215-121152.jpg20140215-121159.jpg

Rimmel Natural Bronzer:

An essential, in my opinion. I love a good bronzer, especially when I am attempting to contour every inch of my face! (I am terrible at dieting and working out so it helps that I can countour my chubby cheeks to appear slightly slimmer). My issue with ALL bronzers is that I am the clumsiest person in the world…. I drop ALL OF MY POWDERS and smash them up on a regular basis. In the past I have purchased Chanel & YSL bronzing powders and other incredibly expensive products, but due to my lack of grace, they are usually getting swept up with a dustpan and brush rather than getting swept across my face. As you can imagine, I grew tired of crying over spilt milk… and expensive broken powders.

When it comes to Rimmel, although it is frustrating, I don’t mind when I break them as much because they are great value. and YES I HAVE ALREADY SMASHED THE ONE PICTURES ABOVE! no joke! I think at this point I am buying bronzers about twice a month! (I have attemnpted that Pinterest trick to fixing broken powders and it did not work for me). The actual shade of colour is really nice, it’s golden brown and you can build it up, but I prefer a light sweeping on the face, rather than a heavy look, but when heading out on the town I love to layer it up for a more dramatic and stronger look.

Available at Boots for €7.35

What are your favourite Rimmel products?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


Rimmel also happen to make my favourite lipstick, click here! 


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