Tough Stuff- Cocoa Brown body scrub

Last month I was absolutely delighted when the lovely ladies at Cocoa Brown sent me the same goodie bags they would be gifting at the Oscar’s suites, thanks to an Instagram competition.

Cocoa Brown Products: One Hour Tan, Chocolate Whip Mosituriser and Tough Stuff ExfoliantCocoa Brown Pink Package

I have been using the Cocoa Brown products since I moved back to Ireland at the end of last year and love the entire range. As a beauty addict, it is always amazing to 1) support an Irish female entrepreneur and 2) find good quality products that are affordable.

Tough stuff is an essential product for any self tanner thanks to these three key feature:

  1. Prepares your skin for Cocoa Brown tan; for the best results from Cocoa Brown it should be applied to clean skin.
  2. It removes old, stubborn tan; there is nothing worse than having bad, patchy and persistent tan stuck on areas like elbows and knees.
  3. Exfoliates the skin; we all know that exfoliation can give a beautiful glow to the skin, you shed dead skin cells and improve circulation.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Exfoliator

Although you can use this product on dry skin, I find it nicer, and more gentle to use it in the shower. I used a Cocoa Brown exfoliation glove with the product and scrubbed from head to toe, using a circular motion on the skin. The results were great, I was a little pink and tingly but completely tan free. The products also smells beautiful, which makes it more enjoyable to use.

If you are planning on tanning after using tough stuff, I would recommend waiting at least 12 hours, if not a full day. After a good exfoliation like this, your skin really craves a nice moisturiser. I will be reviewing the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Moisturiser soon so please check back for that.

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx

Read my original review of Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan here

Cocoa Brown Products, Chocoalte Whip moisturiser, one hour tan and tough stuff


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