Siopaella Sale Hual

Last week I did something I very rarely do, I jumped on the 46A on a Sunday morning and braved Dublin city centre in the rain. Visiting town on a day off is very rare for me just because I am quite a laid back person and try to avoid hustle and bustle as much as possible. So who knows what overcame me last week as I found myself lining up outside a consignment store in Temple Bar in the rain, well the answer is actually pretty simple: Siopaella were having a €3 designer sale and my curiosity got the best of me.

Siopaella fundraiser, designer charity sale

For those of you unaware, Siopaella is an Irish consignment store located in the heart of Dublin, where fashionistas can bring in their unwanted fashion (in good condition, of course) and sell them. As the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and in my opinion I hit the jackpot!

Usually browsing through Siopaella is a really nice and enjoyable experience, the general vibe is very laid back, but during their sale they literally need crowd control. It really is handbags at dawn… well noon actually, and you have to be quick, if you see a good piece on the rail GRAB IT! Because if you blink, it could disappear. For this reason I was completely baffled when I saw a beautiful silk skirt in a fawn/nude colour by Jenny Packham, just hanging lonely on a rail. I went through a minute or so of denial, checking to see if it was a non sale item placed on a sale rail, but after discovering it was in fact on sale for €3, I then began looking for tears, stains, rips, something to justify as to why it was still available and had not been snapped up by someone else in the crowded store. I could not believe my luck that I had found this beautiful full length Jenny Packham skirt, which would usually cost a couple of hundred, if not over €1,000 full price. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea when or where I will wear this beautiful skirt, but it was so special I just couldn’t walk away from it. I will just have to create a black tie/ cocktail evening so that I can get the appropriate wear from it.

Jenny Packham silk skirt

Jenny Packham silk skirt

I did pick up a couple of other pieces in the sale and two non sale items, that were still absolute bargains. As luck would have it I had just become aware that of all the stripey tops I own, I do not have a black and white stripe tee, so I grabbed the only one I could find. I also picked up leather look leggings from Zara and a more casual maxi skirt in a black jersey material. All in all I think it was totally worth it to head into town on a rainy Sunday day and to line up outside for about 20 minutes to pick up some great fashion, and to top it all off the proceeds from the sale go to animal rescue charities in Ireland; total win/win and guilt free shopping.

According to their facebook page, Siopaella raised over €2,200 for charity! I was so impressed with how cool, calm and collected the sales advisors were, I worked in retail for 7 years and never faced such an intense sale in that time, but everyone at Siopaella was full of smiles and really helpfull!

To keep up to date on all of the fantastic fashions available at Siopaella, check out their Facebook page here. Expect everything from Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Topshop and Zara!

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxxx 

J Brand jeans, H&M eyelash jumper, Vivienne Westwood bag

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