DIY Nail Points


I am always scrolling through Pinterest for hours looking for fashion and beauty inspiration and one thing that never disappoints is the nail art. I am not very competent when it comes to drawing a straight line so with nail art, I need step by steps that are easy to do.

I took inspiration from an image that had chevron stripes across a nail and although I knew I could not achieve that look, I was inspired to create my own look. This design can be used with any mix of colours, I decided to keep it simple with nude and metallic polish.


A beautiful nude nail colour from Maxfactor Glossfinity “Dessert Sand”


I used regular clear tape to create the shape I wanted. Using one piece of tape I placed it diagnaly across from the bottom right corner of my nail, up to the to left corner of my nail. With a second piece of tape I did the exact opposite, placing it from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. This should leave a triangle of uncovered nail on the bottom center.


As the nail is covered with tape you can paint on the second colour without worrying about getting too messy. For my second colour I chose Topshop in a Moonshine.


Once you are satisfied that the second layer of polish has dried, carefully peel off the tape. Even if your first colour is completely dry, you can still peel off some colour with the tape.




Little silver triangular spikes across the nails. Again this can be achieved using any combination of colours such as black and white, pink and gold, blue and green etc.




The results are in. A very simple way to add a little bit of an edge to your manicure.




Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx



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