LND: Little Navy Dress

20140112-170257.jpg 20140112-170248.jpg 20140112-170235.jpg 20140112-170228.jpg

It can be really easy to get caught in a little black dress rut, especially this time of the year! I may not have rebelled completely with the brightest colours, but it did feel nice to mix things up a little bit with a navy dress on a recent night out.

I have said it before and I will say it again, having sisters with great taste is fantastic! I found this stunning dress in my sister Tara’s wardrobe and she kindly let me borrow it for a night out.

What I really liked about this dress was that it had some elements of black, such as the straps and a mesh insert at the waist. As it already was breaking the black and navy ‘rule’ I matched the dress with a velvet black clutch and wore my black moto jacket. There are also some black accents in my beautiful Yves Saint Laurent leopard print tribtoo shoes.

20140112-170220.jpg 20140112-170213.jpg

What I wore: 

Navy bodycon dress (similar here)

Primark/ Penneys black velvet clutch (similar here) 

Leopard Print YSL shoes  //  (similar here) 

20140112-170205.jpg 20140112-170158.jpg 20140112-170151.jpg

I have had these shoes for a couple of years and I never tire of them.



I had a fantastic evening with friends from college and we ended up in The Black Door in Dublin. This was my first time in this venue and it really is a beautiful club.


Thank you for reading

Gina xxx


see my sale haul from Harvey Nichols here. 


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