Christmas with the Kielys


Christmas is pretty quiet in my house, it is so nice to take one day to spend with family. This year everyone was up by 10am, we all sat together and opened our gifts, followed with a delicious fry!

From about 12 we got visits from family, friends and neighbours and the we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Prosecco. In the late afternoon we all sat down and watched some Christmassy movies while waiting for the dinner to cook.

Dinner was served about 6 o clock and that’s when we began the fun games of charades that went on until about 2am!

The day was really enjoyable and I loved spending time with my family, enjoying good food and laughing a lot.


Conor had me spoiled with my new Vivienne Westwood flap bag. I am so in love with the colour of the bag and this is my first Vivienne Westwood piece.


my dad is car/ motor bike crazy so our santa was rocking a Honda hat!

20131231-165034.jpg  20131231-164954.jpg

Some of the amazing gifts that I received, which included a snuggly onesie, a hair wand, MAC make up, Topshop clothing, socks and other treats.


Dinner is served. I though our dinning room table was decorated beautifully and our dinner was so delicious!

20131231-164941.jpg 20131231-164925.jpg  




Burgundy Zara peplum top

River Island pearl necklace

H&M croc effect skirt

H&M white blazer (shop here)

Woolford black tights

Christian Louboutin Pigalle shoes

Vivienne Westwood flap bag (shop here)

20131225-163159.jpg 20131225-163149.jpg

 20131225-163109.jpg 20131225-163043.jpg 


Me and my sisters and my dad on Christmas morning.


Thank you for reading, how did you spend your Christmas day?

Gina xxx


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