HD Brows at Hyde Grooming.Beauty

Before you scroll down I will warn you, these images are NOT ATTRACTIVE! But getting beautiful brows takes a little work so please no judgement! HA!

In the past I have had my eyebrows tinted and threaded but I really wanted to get HD Brows done as I have naturally thin and fair brows and hoped it would bring out a bolder, natural looking brow.



This is a picture from a wedding I went to (read here) and gives an idea of how my brows looked after I had them treated and had my makeup applied by a professional makeup artist.

While visiting Hyde Grooming.Beauty and getting my Hollywood Eyelash Extensions I had a patch test done for the HD Brows (this is essential for this treatment as an allergic reaction could cause your entire face to swell). Luckily I was not allergic and followed through with the treatment a few days later.



My eyebrows are slim and fair so Liza used plenty of tint to try to catch as many blonde and fair hairs as possible.


After the tint was ready, Liza cleaned it from my face and revealed the hair that had picked up the tint. As you can see my eyebrows are not symmetrical, but thankfully the treatment has only begun and I am not quite a lost cause!


By using the angles from my face, Liza then drew out where the brow shape should fall, for some lucky ducks their eyebrows actually fit into this stencil, but that is clearly not the case for me!

Next comes the waxing, which gives the sharp lines and finishes, and then clean the look up with some threading.


I have VERY sensitive skin around my eyes so as you can see my skin is BRIGHT RED! This is totally normal, but I know some people will only go slightly pink. This picture shows the eyebrow on the right without being filled in and the one of the left using HD Brow powder.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 23.49.10

I got HD Brow powder palette to bring home and I have been using it a lot. It is a waxed powder so it sets your eyebrows perfectly for the day. The palettes is €35 and available at Hyde Grooming.Beauty.

So here is the result: I am delighted, but I know I will have to go for regular treatments and I was also advised to put vaseline on my eyebrows at night to promote more growth.


The HD Brow treatment is available at Hyde Grooming.Beauty for only €30 for your first treatment. 

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx


Check out when I got my six week hollywood lashes here. 


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