Winter Wedding


For almost a year I have been looking forward to my cousin Orla’s wedding day and it finally arrived last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you possibly noticed the regular of updates of how the day was going, including makeup, outfit and foody posts.

Although the weather had taken a slight turn with rain and wind, the day was absolutely beautiful and the expected Irish weather did not dampen the spirit of the day one bit.

The wedding took place in Leixlip Manor and Gardens which was a beautiful location where we witnessed a touching and personal ceremony, enjoyed some afternoon champagne, a delicious five course meal and then we danced the night away to band and a DJ.

There were several reasons why this day was particularly special; I had yet to see some members of my family since returning from Las Vegas, Orla is my only girl cousin and was probably the first person I idolised when growing up, and I was really excited that I was also involved in the special day.

Orla and her now husband, Pete, wanted to ‘warm’ the rings before they were exchanged which involved both wedding bands being passed through each person witnessing the ceremony and making a wish for the couple on their rings. My job was to ensure that the rings travelled through the aisle and each person got the opportunity to hold the rings and send their positive wishes and hopes to the bride and groom through the rings.

The day was a huge success with everyone having an amazing time, no one more so than the glowing bride who had a smile on her face throughout the day, and it growing bigger each time she looked at her groom.

20131215-160628.jpg 20131215-160542.jpg 20131215-160511.jpg

I was finding it really tough to find something appropriate to wear and went shopping in Dundrum one evening, determined to find something. I was not sure if I actually loved the dress or whether it was my pure determination to find something but this was the first dress in the first shop that I found, and the only one I even tried on. I realise now that I actually love the dress, the shape, the print and most of all, how comfortable it was to wear (especially after eating a five course meal)

20131215-160437.jpg20131215-160423.jpg 20131215-160407.jpg 


Tree print dress: River Island (shop here) 

Christian Louboutin Pigalle shoes (shop here) 

20131215-160719.jpg 20131215-160729.jpg

I was very happy to get my make up done at Inglot in Dundrum that morning and I was even happier with my results.

I asked the makeup artist for a bold cat/winged eye, subtle definition on the eyelid, some contouring on the face and pink lip. I wanted a retro glamorous look as I felt that the shape of my dress was quite 50s looking and wanted to continue to look.

20131215-160650.jpg20131215-160707.jpg 20131215-160658.jpg

I usually go for a smokey eye so this retro inspired look was different for me but I absolutely loved it.


When buying my dress I found this necklace on sale in River Island and I liked how it brought a little bit of colour to the outfit with the blush pink. A couple of weeks ago I was doing some shopping in Dunnes Stores (shop here) with my mum when I accidentally came across this burgundy clutch with beading that matched my necklace almost identically.

The ring I wore is YEARS OLD and I think it may be from Penneys but I think it could actually be about 7 years old. The nail polish is Barry M in raspberry (273).


This is how the necklace sat on my neck.


Some pictures from the day:



One of five courses, the heart was a beautiful touch


A really fun and sweet (and delicious) cake


Love spending a day with my crazy sisters


Orla’s dress was stunning, but it was really beautiful to see how happy both bride and groom were ❤


Selfies with my dad in the taxi


With my mum and both my sisters before the wedding,

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx



I did have a beautiful black fur jacket which I will post about in future, but you can check out my recent post on prepping for the wedding which included getting 6 week lashes applied at Hyde Grooming, 


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