Hollywood Lash Extensions

This week I was absolutely delighted to visit my favourite little salon in Dublin, Hyde Grooming.Beauty, to have the Hollywood eyelash extensions applied for the festive season. I have had lash extension applied before and think they are worth the investment when you have a couple of nights out planned, or heading on holidays.

I have been visiting Hyde Grooming.Beauty since it opened in 2012 but this is the first time I had the eyelash treatment here. To begin with, Stephanie brought me to the treatment room upstairs and had me lie down on the treatment bed. To make sure I was comfortable there was a blanket and a pillow and some relaxing music playing in the background. Stephanie and I discussed the look I was after, which was more volume but not too much length. As I will be wearing these lashes for up to 6 weeks I want them to be natural looking during the day.
I lay down and got myself very comfortable and Stephanie began the treatment by removing any lotion or make up that I could have had around my eyes and then applied protective strips on my under eyes.
The treatment can take between 1 to 2 hours so I got comfortable and at some points possibly drifted off! Throughout the treatment I could feel Stephanie at my eyelashes but there is no pain involved, it is more like playing or stroking my lashes and general the eye area.
When the treatment was done Stephanie helped me open my eyes, this sounds a little odd and scary but having your eyes closed for that long and the glue involved, it can be really difficult to open your eyes and for me there was a LOT of watering! But this is totally normal and your eyes just need a couple of minutes to adjust before they are 100% back to normal.
Afterwards I had an amazing look of my lashes, as if I was wearing mascara. Check out the pictures of my lashes from that evening with no make up or mascara on or around me eye.

As the lashes wear I will be posting updates via Instagram and on the blog so check back to see how they wear.

These lashes are €60 and available at Hyde Grooming.Beauty, check out their Facebook and their website here!

20131209-214903.jpg 20131209-214945.jpg


(this is a comparison of my natural lashes with mascara and my new lash extensions without mascara)

20131209-214934.jpg 20131209-214926.jpg



Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxxx


Check out my recent post on Hyde Grooming and see how you can win a facial this Christmas. 


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