November Instagram round up

November was a CRAZY month for me, moving from Las Vegas to Dublin and readjusting to life at home! You can read more about my year in Las Vegas here.

I am a completely addicted to Instagram and love capturing memories with a digital photo album.


Taking in my Las Vegas surroundings one last time. This was the pool area at my apartment complex and I loved it so much. At the time I took this picture I think Conor had just grilled steaks on the BBQ and we were enjoying a feast!


A LONG day shopping, unfortunately non of the contents were for me, they were gifts for my family and friends. But I do believe that giving is better than receiving.


Shoes of the night! I have had these beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes for a little over 5 years and I am still obsessed with them!

check out a post where I am wearing them here


The last supper! A friend was taking Conor and I to the airport for our flight home from Las Vegas and we had to stop at In-N-Out burger one last time. and of course had to get the DOUBLE DOUBLE!!! ❤


I was absolutely delighted when a friend let sent me this picture: one of my selfies from a fashion post (see it here) made it’s way into Stellar Magazine for the December issue! I was so flattered.


After my friend (who also has a blog, check it out here) sent me a picture of my picture, I had to go out and get my own copy of Stellar Magazine.


I found this mug in my house and it made me laugh out loud. It is my sisters but strangely it is my dad’s favourite mug….


Organising my room has not been an easy task, this is just one tiny area that I keep by my bed. I keep magazines and books close by for times when I cannot sleep or need a little inspiration!


After a year away I am reunited with my silver converse!


This just made me laugh!


A good start to the day: strawberries, pineapple, acai berry, Greek yogurt and orange juice all blended together to make a delicious smoothie.


YUM! Enjoying a dinner and cocktails with my sisters at Havanas tapas bar in Dublin. The food was AMAZING!!!


After dinner at Havanas we headed over to the Grafton Lounge for one or two more drinks.


The night before we left Las Vegas. At a karaoke bar with some amazing friends… thankfully this picture was taken just before I got really emotional and could’t stop crying!


Heading towards Grafton Street and being greeted by such festive surroundings! I love Dublin at this time of the year.


YUM! One thing that I craved a lot in Las Vegas was chipper, so I couldn’t resist stopping into Leo Burdocks for chips, a battered sausage and garlic mayo!


Time to unwind! Enjoying an early with an Elemis bubble bath.

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Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx 


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