Tried and tested: Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

I am a big false tanner, I have fair skin, freckles and light eyes, so baking myself in the sun is not really ideal. Over the years I have tried every type of tan from spray to gel to mouse to liquid and every brand from high luxury to affordable supermarket brands. I love having a golden glow to my skin so I get excited when new tanning products come out.

While living in Las Vegas I was hearing and reading a lot of amazing reviews about a new product in Ireland called Cocoa Brown. Friends and family were raving about this product so I was dying to try it as soon as I got home!

I love that this is an Irish brand from a young female entrepreneur, but what I love more is how the product worked for me.

I wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tan:


This is my arm with zero tan.


This is my arm after the product had been applied

I hope the pictures show the beautiful glow that this product gave my skin. There were a couple of things about the product that I really liked:

  • It is a one hour tan, this means that last minute invites are all good, no panic over pale legs!
  • It is a mousse so a little product goes a long way.
  • The tint/ guide colour of the product means it is really easy to see exactly where you are applying the product, preventing streaks and patches.
  • The smell is not bad, so many tans have over powering smells.
  • It dries quickly, which means I didn’t have to stand around waiting for the product to settle before I could get dressed and get on with my day, (that being said I might not put on my favourite white dress).

So there you have it, if it was not already clear: I AM A FAN!

This product is only โ‚ฌ7.99


who has tried this product? and what do you think?

Gina xxxย 


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