Pink to make the boys wink

While wandering around H&M recently I came across an exciting rail of buy one get one free sweaters. After rifling through the rack I found this beautiful blush pink pullover with interesting details.  It may not be as clear in the pictures but the sleeves are not wool, they are a delicate chiffon. I am always looking for items of clothing that have a special detailing such as this and the fact it was on special offer was the cherry on top.

To debut my fabulous find I went for drinks with friends and matched the blush baby pink with black and burgundy.

20131115-082852.jpg 20131115-082901.jpg 20131115-082912.jpg

Blush pink sweater: H&M (similar here)

Black Skinny Jeans: Zara (similar here)

Black stiletto pumps: Zara (similar here)

Black clutch bag: Alexander McQueen (similar here)

Burgundy skull scarf: Alexander McQueen

White & Rose gold watch: Toy watch (similar here) 


A closer look at the chiffon sleeves and my McQueen scarf.

20131115-082945.jpg  20131115-083000.jpg

I also wore my hair poker straight on this day and regretted it instantly. I love when I see others with straight hair, it always looks so sleek and sexy and as soon as I straighten my own I feel like I have taken all the life out it. I need hair help!

How are you wearing blush pink for winter? Which colours are you pairing with pink?


Thank you for reading

Gina xxx


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