Metallic Blue Manicure

As the winter closes in I have found myself wearing black nail polish a lot, I love a good black manicure but I like adding a little bit of colour into my look through my nails also.

A couple of years ago my friend, who worked at Chanel, intruded me to their beautiful colour ‘Blue Satin‘ and it was love at first sight. This blue shade was almost a navy blue which I thought was incredibly unique for a polish. Ever since then I have had an obsession with Blue polishes where my shades change with the seasons.

As the winter season is upon us I was on the hunt for a dark blue polish and Essie did not disappoint. This shade is called “Aruba Blue” and I came across it in my local CVS.

This frosted blue is a very deep colour and, in my opinion, is the perfect alternative to a black polish in the winter months.




What colours are you wearing this season?

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx


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