Glamour Puss

Better late then never….. Halloween post is finally ready 🙂

I had great plans of being a zombie, being a skull and so many exciting things for halloween, unfortunately the make up I purchased was really bad quality that irritated my skin and just looked terrible! SO last minute I threw on my cat ears (because you always have a pair of cat ears) a sequin gold dress and a little kitty nose… TAH-DAH…..


IMG_5430 IMG_5431

As the Halloween makeup I purchased was terrible I just used the make up I already own. My secret weapon was my liquid eyeliner from the infallible collection my L’Oreal. This eyeliner allowed me to create a bold cat eye, a nose and the little whisker spots around my upper lip.


IMG_5437 IMG_5438IMG_5439IMG_5440

I have this dress for about two years and it is classic and timeless, although I think it may have shrunk as I don’t remember it being as short before. I LOVE sequins and gold so this dress has come in handy on many occasions including New Years Eve and Birthdays etc.

IMG_5441 IMG_5442 IMG_5443

Dress from Juilian // similar here

Velvet black clutch: Penneys/ Primark // similar here

Patent black 120 mm Pigalle shoes: Christian Louboutin

Cat Ears: Amazon // similar here 


Bracelets are from Coco’s Boutique


On this night we were invited to join a friends table at The Lights in Mandalay Bay, this is a huge club run by Cirque du Soleil which means there are incredible performers everywhere you look, especially coming down from the ceiling.


I had to take a picture of this girls wings, they were amazing!


Conor meeting Tyrone Biggums, his favourite costume of the night.

Alesso was the main event of the night and it was an amazing show! 

IMG_5512 IMG_5542



What did you dress up as for Halloween??

Thank you for reading



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