Beauty Haul Part 2

On a recent visit to Walmart I allowed myself some treats from the cosmetic area,If you missed Beauty Haul Part 1, read it here. 


For the second part of this post I will be show you the lipstick, blush and foundation that I purchased, all from the Maybelline brand.

The lipstick is from Maybelline color sensational vivids collection and it is called shocking coral. I have used a couple of lipsticks from this collection and thought coral could be a good alternative to a dramatic red lip. I have two swatches of the lipstick below, one using flash and one without to try to give you the most honest look of this colour.


These lipsticks are really soft and do not dry your lips out. It is a creamy lipstick with a glossy shine and nourishing properties from honey nectar.

The next product I purchased was the Maybelline FIt Me blush in light mauve. I have been using the Fit me foundation and love it so much that I wanted to try out some of the other products from the range. This is a very light shade which is exactly what I was looking for, if a blush colour is too dark it is easy to end up looking like a clown. This is a lightweight product that blends so easily into the skin to give a natural glow to the skin.


It is tough to get a good picture of this blusher as it is very light, but you can see how it catches the light.

Finally I got my foundation from Maybelline, also from the Fit Me range, I have been using this foundation for a while and I love it. For years I would only wear expensive, high-end foundations which included Chanel, YSL, Laura Mercier (which I still use for nights out), Dior, Lancome and more. I became really skeptical of using drugstore foundation as I believed they would not wear well, they would crease and crack and the ingredients were most likely damaging my skin….. then I tried Maybelline because I was on a budget and it had been recommended to me by my sister. I now have about 5 different shades in this foundation and I love it. The one I purchased on this day is the palest colour I use (even though I live in Vegas I am rarely out in the sun tanning so I need a pale foundation for days when I haven’t been out in the sun.) This colour is 120 and I wear this most days to work. The reason I like to go for such a pale color is because I think there is nothing worse than wearing a foundation that is clearly too dark. I used to do it all the time and I would look ridiculous if some of the foundation worn off and I had patches of pale skin poking though. Now I prefer to stick to my colour or even go a shade lighter, and use bronzer to bring a natural glow to me face.

Ok so back to the product, it is light and creaming, blends in easily using a blender or a foundation brush, give medium coverage and never looks cakey. It is light on my skin and lasts most of the day. I really love  this foundation and recommend it to anyone who needs something cheap and cheerful for everyday wear.

This foundation comes in 18 shades so you can actually get your perfect match.


Sorry for the terrible lighting but this is when I was wearing all three products, coral lips, light mauve blush and Fit Me foundation.

Have you tried out any of these products? What did you think?

Thank you for reading

Gina xxx


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