Work Wear

When it comes to work wear I do not believe in spending a lot of money on amazing brands and pieces, I prefer to purchase some basics and mix and match for several looks. I also like to keep my work wear seperate from my everyday clothes… almost like a uniform.

The basics:

  • Black pants: whichever style and fit suits you and you are most comfortable in. I personally like slim fit.
  • Navy pants: Again I like slim fit and I love navy pants as they are warmer than black.
  • White shirts & blouses: whichever style suits you but as it is work wear ensure it is not low-cut or revealing in any way.
  • Pencil Skirt: I like simple black, but in summer I do like something in a print to brighten up my wardrobe.
  • Midi skirt: Always looks more formal and sophisticated, again I usually go for classic black.
  • Cardigans and sweaters: I like to keep a couple of bright colour cardigans and sweaters in my work wardrobe so that when I am wearing black pants and a white shirt a bright colour can change the look entirely.
  • Jewellery: I have to wear a watch at work, I would feel naked without it. I usually wear simple stud earrings and a ring or some bracelets. From time to time I wear a statement necklace if everything else is simple.
  • Bags: I have two bags I wear to work, my Mulberry Bayswater and my Louis Vuitton epi leather speedy. One is chestnut brown and the other is black. They are both big enough to keep all of my work essentials.
  • Shoes: Realistically I can get through a work week with 3 pairs of shoes; my Zara black pumps (so comfortable) my beige Forever 21 pumps and a pair of ballerinas, but every now and again I will wear some of my prettier, less practical shoes.

Here are some instagram pictures of my usual work wear:

Sweater and navy pants | Classic & WildeBlack & White with red sweater | Work Wear | Classic and Wilde

Sweater and slim fit pants combo, one of my favourites for colder Las Vegas days. Simple and chic.

Left: H&M Sweater (see H&M haul here), H&M Navy Pants, Forever 21 shoes.

Right: Vero Moda Sweater, Penneys (Primark) Blouse, Forever 21 pants, Forever 21 shoes.

All Black | Lace & Midi Skirt | Classic & WildeMonochrome | Midi Skirt | Classic and Wilde

I think midi skirts are really elegant and flattering.

Left: Penneys lace tee, Penneys midi skirt, Zara pumps, Louis Vuitton Bag.

Right: Penneys cream blouse, ASOS midi skirt, Zara pumps.

Monochrome with a pop of colour | Classic & WildeMonochrome | Pencil Skirt | Classic & Wilde

I personally like pencil skirts, but a knee length A line skirt can be just as suitable.

Left: ASOS tuxedo blouse, Zara crochet skirt, Louboutin pumps, H&M necklace, Louis Vuitton bag.

Right: Forever 21 eyelet blouse, Zara crochet skirt, Zara pumps, Louis Vuitton bag.

Spike Necklace under Collar | Classic & Wilde

I love wearing a necklace under my collar.

A closer look: Forever 21 spike necklace and eyelet blouse.

Monochrome | Oversized Blazer | Classic & Wilde

Black & White Penneys blazer, H&M blouse, Forever 21 pants, Zara pumps and Louis Vuitton bag.

Earring for Collar Pin | Classic and WildeHot Pink Pants for Work | Classic and Wilde

Sometimes an earring can also be worn as a collar pin.

Penneys earring used as collar pin, Forever 21 eyelet blouse, H&M pink pants, Louboutin pumps.

Pink pants and Blue Louboutins | Classic and WildeBlue Louboutins | Classic and Wilde

Same outfit as above but switched the white blouse for a nude tee shirt from Penneys.

Alexander McQueen | Pink Pants | Classic & Wilde
Blue Louboutins | Classic & Wilde

Floral Print Pencil Skirt | Classic & WildeFloral Print Skirt  | Classic & Wilde

Spending summer in Vegas meant that it was too hot to wear black… EVER. So I went on the hunt for a summery alternative.

Left: Penneys blue blouse, H&M floral skirt, Louboutin pumps

Right: Penneys pink cardigan, Forever 21 blouse, H&M floral skirt, Louboutin pumps.

Eyelet blouse & Pink Cardigan | Classic & Wilde

Closer look at blouse and cardigan with shoulder details.

Statement Necklace | Classic & Wilde

Statement necklace (gift), Penneys nude tee, Forever 21 pants, Zara pumps.

Pattern Pants | monochrome | Classic & Wildepattern pants | Classic & Wilde

Love my patterned pants, a refreshing break from black pants.

Left: Catch peplum top, H&M printed pants, Zara pumps.

RIght: Zara tee, H&M printed pants, Forever 21 pumps.

Stripes & Leopard print | Classic & Wilde

Mixing prints.

Forever 21 pantsPenneys stripe sweater, , Penneys leopard pumps, Alexender McQueen scarf.

Details | Grey nails | Pattern PantsNavy Blazer | Nautical Pearls | Classic & Wilde

Left: A closer look at my navy pants with a subtle print, Alexander McQueen scarf.

Right: Forever 21 blazer, ASOS tuxedo blouse, Aldo pearls.

Black & White & Red | Statement Necklace | Classic & WildeRed Cardigan | Louis Vuitton Bag | Classic & Wilde

I love adding red to black & white ensembles.

Left: Forever 21 red blazer, ASOS tuxedo blouse, statement necklace (gift)

Right: Bershka red cardigan, H&M nude tee, Forever 21 pants, Zara pumps.

Alexander McQueen | Zara | Louis Vuitton

My essentials: Black pants, black pumps, black bag and black skulls.

Studded Collar | Classic & Wilde

This is a blouse that I added studs to (see my DIY post here), Forever 21 pants, Zara pumps.


I get a lot of wear out of my work pieces as I mix and match them to try and get a new look from older pieces. Some of the pieces I own can transition between my work wear and my “everyday” wardrobe. I do not like to wear some of my really special pieces to work as I think they are not as special then… yes it is rather weird way to think but I look forward to looking at the other end of my closet at the weekend and ‘treating’  myself to some of the pieces that I do not get to wear as often, feels special.

What are your essentials for work? Do you like to give yourself a uniform or is everyday something different?

Thank you for reading

Gina xxxx


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