DIY Balayage

I originally posted this in October 2013, since then I have two more DIY Balayage posts. DIY Balayage 2 features a brighter and bolder colour and DIY Balayage 3 is much a more subtle and sun kissed look. Now back to the original post:

I have had Balayage in my hair for 2-3 years now, the first couple of times I did go to salon to get it done, however, when I moved to Las Vegas and I was SUPER BROKE I attempted to DIY and it actually went pretty well (in my humble opinion) so I have continued to top up my balayage highlights every so often for about $10.

I usually use the Feria ombre kit  when I do my hair and the results have always been really good.

DIY Balayage, Ombre Haire for Brunette

This is a pic from doing my hair in February.


Beauty haul: Balayage kit, eyelashes, maybelline fit me foundation, coral lipstick     Ombre hair kit, Balayage, L'oreal eye cream and anti ageing, false eyelashes.

I get soooo excited when I reach the cosmetic area of Walmart and this is one haul from a recent trip, I will go into details of the rest of the products in a later post.

As you can see I did not use the Feria ombre kit this time (my colour was not available) so I used another kit from Loreal the coleur experte in colour 6.1. This kit is a little different as it does include a base colour, which I did not use ( I only wanted the highlights).

Balayage hair grown out, bleach hair, ombreBalayage ombre hair, brunette, blonde, bleach

bleach hair, ombre ends, balayage hair

These are some terrible pics of my hair before, I was trying to get a good angle through the mirror but didn’t work too well for me. You can get the idea of what my hair looked like before, the tips were lighter but it had grown out a lot and needed refreshing. It had been a couple of months so the colour had gone a little orangy too, so it really needed to be updated.

Back comb hair, balayage techniqueBack comb hair as an ombre hair technique Bleach hair and backcomb

Ok so this looks CRAZY and it is…

    • You want to section off the hair and I start from underneath and work up.
    • Take a section and BACKCOMB! Here is a youtube video to give you a better idea of how to:

  • Once you are happy with the amount of hair that is left after backcombing, apply your colour. Continue to do this to each section of the hair.
  • I usually put a little extra colour around the front of my hair that frames my face, but that is just a personal preference.
  • Follow the directions of the colour in terms of how long to let it develop in the hair.
  • Balayage results, natural highlights, diy, home hair colour ombre hair, natural highlights, diy, home hair colour, balayage

And this is the result. You can see the mix of shades of brown and some ash blond and how the tips are a lot lighter than the roots.

Do you DIY your hair? I would love to hear about it!

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxxx


I have a second DIY Balayage post here from April 2014 



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UPDATE: I have changed my hair AGAIN and went even lighter. See it here. 


I have also added a section of my blog which is dedicated to all things hair: DIY treatments, masks, colouring and more. See all my hair posts here. 


7 thoughts on “DIY Balayage

  1. Hi I already have a great ombre, but! It needs a little more texture and blended lookin the front, do you recommend for me to use the loreal feria ombre or highlight products to just even it out? I have a chocolate brown on roots and golden yet ash blonde in the bottom half.

    By the way you hair looks gorgeous.

    • Hi Vanessa, It is tough to say because I am not actually a hair stylist, but this technique is great for a blended look. The backcombing of the hair means that there will be a good blend of natural brown and the coloured blonde hair rather than a sharp transition from dark to light. If you are unsure whether you want to DIY, then I would recommend talking to your stylist about using the backcombing technique. The results depend more on the technique than the actual product, but I have always gotten great results from using the L’Oreal kits.
      Hope that helps 🙂

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