Halloween is Coming!!!!

Halloween has to be my FAVOURITE time of year! I have loved getting dressed up since I was a child and it just never ended. I am not a huge fan of going out and buying ready made costumes, I feel like you usually see about 10 people in the exact same costume as you, so I usually like to take clothes I already have in my closet and turn them it into a costume. I still have NO IDEA what I am going to dress up as this year but I decided to take a trip down memory lane on some of my previous costumes over the last couple of years. (if you have any amazing ideas PLEASE share them below, I would love to hear from you!)

Red Devil: This night was a Halloween party and also my boyfriends birthday party so rather than doing crazy make up I wanted to look nice. I wore a red bodycon dress from Celeb Boutique and a red sequins devil horn head band from a costume shop. For my make up I wore a matching red lip with simple black liner.

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Tiger: A couple of years ago a lot of shops had long sleeve body con dresses in Tiger print so I picked one up for about 15 euro in the Ilac Shopping Centre in Dublin. My best friend and I were wearing matching costumes so we did each others make up (so I can’t take too much credit for the tiger stripes on my face, thank you Greta xxx) Between the two of us we had a huge collection of brown and gold make up and we mainly used: Mac Melon, Copper and Chocolate Brown not just on our eyes, but around the tiger stripes too. We also used Gold Deposit on our face and Eyeko eyeliner to draw on the black stripes, this eyeliner was amazing, this was one occasion where I fell asleep with my make up on and when I woke up the stripes had not faded or smudged!!! (I never recommend sleeping with make up on, but it can happen from time to time)

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Black Cat: This was a last-minute costume for a college night out after I had been in work until 9.30 so the make up didn’t last as long as I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked on it. The only thing I had to purchase for this costume was the lace cat ears from ASOS , the rest was all my own closet: Black wet look leggings from Penneys, Black long tank top from Bershka, Black Jewelled bra from TK Maxx, Sequin Black Blazer from Penneys and Patent Black heels from Jimmy Choo.

My make up was a small black heart drawn on my nose with some whiskers across my cheek using MAC smoulder eyeliner (I really should have used a liquid liner rather than a pencil)

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com
 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Minnie Mouse: A friend of mine had been to Disneyland Paris and brought me back these Minnie Mouse ears as souvenir so I matched them with a red and white vintage polka dot tee-shirt dress, the dress was pretty short though so I wore a black skirt over it. I wasn’t too happy with my nose as I remember I was trying to get it even and kept made it bigger and bigger until it took up my entire nose! Again I wore a red lip.

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Sailor: Another friend once brought me back this amazing hat from Venice when she was interrailing so whenever I get a chance to wear it i jump! I wore a navy and white stripe tee-shirt from Topshop, a navy bodycon skirt from Urban Outfitters and red over the knee socks from Topshop. Surprise surprise I am wearing a red lip again! ha

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Where’s Wally: For this costume I only had to buy a red wool hat (which was actually a Manchester United hat turned inside out) and some magnifying glasses from the joke shop; they were actually difficult to wear for the night but this was before you could get plastic glasses in every store) My red & white stripe top was from Zara and a denim skirt from Bershka.

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

Pirate: I remember spending hours customising the shirt for this costume, it involved soaking the crisp white shirt in water with tea bags, ripping parts of it and even setting some areas on fire briefly. Then I just loaded on all of jewellery I own, a chunky bronze belt and a black skirt. I couldn’t find a sword so revisited arts and crafts days from 20 years ago and cut out a sword shape from a cereal box and covered it in tin foil.


Not to forget the boys: my boyfriend is not a fan of dressing up at Halloween so I usually have to put a costume together for him. The first picture is a “Geek” look. He is wearing one of my over-sized cardigans and my “geek chic” plastic glasses. He then just had to wear a white shirt, bow tie, chinos (rolled up at the ends) and some loafers. As a joke present for this birthday that year I had bought him a Casio calculator watch which he wore and he also brought out an inhaler for added effect,

The second picture was very easy, he wore all black and I painted his face with white and black face paint. I also shaded in the hallows of his cheeks with carbon mac eyeshadow and a powder brush. This probably took 15 minutes in total.

 wildefashion.wordpress.com  wildefashion.wordpress.com

For some AMAZING Halloween costume and make up looks, take a look at my Pinterest Page: Creative Costumes.


Thank you for reading, if anyone has some Halloween posts please link me, I need INSPIRATION




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