Autumn/Winter Nails

As mentioned in my recent post “its my birthday” I made an online purchase with Sephora last month and purchased 3 of their OPI nail polishes; S-age is just a number, Never enough shoes and Neutral Beauty. What attracted me to these colours in particular was the idea that they could get me through the AUtumn Winter season as good basics. I love changing my nails and trying out nail art and designs but I also need good basics that will work for any occasion. It didn’t hurt that Sephora had an amazing promotion of buy 3 for $10…. who can say no to that?

I have had the opportunity to try and test out each colour and here are the pictures to prove it:

never enough shoes: the everyday essential

This is a black polish with a the slightest hint of a sparkle. To be honest the sparkle is pretty much non existent unless you look very closely and try and catch the little sparkles in the light, but that is perfect for me.

I love having a black polish all year round but especially during the winter months because it really does just go with everything, I love how edgy a black manicure can look, but it can also be very elegant and classy.

Neutral Beauty: the natural polish

This is a latte nude colour and I am still a little undecided about it. I usually wear very light nudes that lean towards pink so think is a bit bolder… about as bold as a nude can be, ha! The colour is growing on me and I am sure as the weather changes I will start wearing it a lot more, but right now I am still reaching for my bare ballet nude pink polish.

It is a nude polish so this perfect for work and any time when I do not want my nails to distract from either my clothes or jewellery.

S-age is just a number: The party polish.

This is actually really similar to the Chanel polish Peridot which is why I was attracted to it. It is a mix of gold and green metallic and I like having something edgier than a traditional gold polish.

This polish is perfect for nights out, the metallic brings a party aspect to the nails and the gold base colour means the polish will go with pretty much any ensemble.

What is your favourite nail polish coming into the Autumn/ WInter months?

Thank you for reading

Gina xxx

Sephora Haul

To read about my Sephora haul, click here.


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