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Maybelline Color Show in Platinum Standard



I love using nail stickers: No drying time, instant glam and you can get effects and designs that would be almost impossible to do with polish at home. I found these Maybelline Color Show nails at CVS and decided to get them for my birthday. It had been a while since I have applied nail stickers so they were not perfectly straight and there were a couple of lumps to be found, but I still think they looked great!

It does say that they can last up to 10 days, this could be possible if you are a little more carfull than I am, but they only lasted 1 day (2 showers) and 1 night of partying. This is all I wanted out the nails so as far as I was concerned they were perfect.

How to:

  1. Make sure your nails are clean with of any polish.
  2. While the stickers remain on the clear sheet, size up which stickers will fit which nail.
  3. Carefully remove the nail sticker from the clear sheet and align the bottom of the sticker with the bottom of your nail.
  4. Press the bottom of the sticker to the bottom of your nail and slowly press the sticker on the remaining nail working upwards and out. This is to prevent any bumps or lumps appearing on the nail. You can use your finger, or the cuticle stick provided.
  5. There will be excess sticker over the tip of the nail. Take the nail file and gently file away the remaining sticker until the nail is completely covered without any excess.


I recently visited Sephora to pick up some beauty essentials: Cleanser and Tan.

Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning and Eye Make Up Removing Emulsion. 


am a little lazy when it comes to taking off my make up, I do not like a long routine, or using several products, which is why I love this cleanser from Korres. 

This cleanser is so gentle on skin and always leaves me feeling refreshed and my skin super soft. Apparently this product can be used without water, however I use it with warm water and the Eve Lom Muslin cloth (which gently exfoliates the skin and improves skin circulation). This product is $21 and lasts about 3-4 months, which I would consider fantastic value.

Christian Dior Bronze- Self Tanner Natural Glow. 


I used this tanner a couple of years ago, and can’t quite remember why I switched. It is a little expensive, but for a special occasion (such as my birthday) it is totally worth it. This tan has a silky texture is and easy to apply, there are no streaks and it does not come out orange.

The colour is golden and can be built gradually, you will not look like a cast member of the Jersey Shore if using this tan. The product also dries quite quickly too, so you do not have to stand around for hours before you can dressed (but maybe don’t put on your favourite white dress).

Forever 21 False Eyelashes


While picking up some accessories in Forever 21 the other day, I grabbed this lash set a while lining up to pay. I was pretty disappointed to be honest, I put on a pair last weekend and had to take them off after a few minutes as the base of the lashes were very hard and stiff. Like most people, my eye area is sensitive and these eyelashes caused my eyes to water and the area to go red.

Have you tried any of these products? please comment below what you thought!

Thank you for reading!

Gina xxxxx


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