The Birthday that Never Ends

So my birthday was at the end of August, but thanks to snail mail I am still celebrating as an amazing package arrived from my family this week.

One of my FAVOURITE shops in Ireland in Penneys and my whole family know that. I do believe there are some things worth investing in, and for everything else there is Penneys, so I squealed when I had seen that my mum and sisters (and dad, but I doubt he went trawling through Penneys with them) and sent me over an AMAZING Penneys haul!

Some Penneys/ Primark items are now available on ASOS, check them out here. 

My family says that I am really tough to buy for, but I really don’t think that is true seeing as they hit the spot on every item in my birthday package.


Just to tease myself I will follow the hashtag Penneys on Instagram every now and again, and recently I have been seeing gorgeous statement necklaces. This one in particular is so beautiful, the strap is made of a faux leather and the rest is gold. I know I will get so much wear out of this over the coming autumn and winter season. YAY


One of my biggest pet peeves is flat shoes that are not comfortable. I have purchased a couple of ballerina shoes since moving to Vegas and find they always give me blister or rub my skin, if my feet are going to hurt it better be because I am wearing some insanely beautiful heels. These soft ballerinas from Penneys are my go-to flats when I am in Ireland. They usually cost about 10euro, come in so many colours and prints and will last a couple weeks (I have actually gotten about a year out of some of these shoes before). I am so happy to have a new pair and this Oxblood colour is perfect for Autumn!


Again, my family have GREAT TASTE! The shoes and necklace are the same from above but this top (also from Penneys) is stunning! It is a wet look embossed tank that is actually really comfortable. My obsession with leather and leather look clothing gets extreme during the winter months and I know I will wear this everywhere.

I also received a classic velvet black clutch, a necessary for any night out.


I do have a leopard print addiction and a beauty obsession so this printed make up case is kills two birds with one stone. It is really roomy so I can actually fit a lot of my make up collection inside. 

My sister ventured to one of my other favourite stores, Zara, to pick me up another amazing leather look piece. This simple skirt with leather detail is so beautiful on, the way the leather inserts reduce as they approach the waist gives the illusion of a smaller waist (who doesn’t want that).


A step away from the black and leather and take a look at this awesome circle skirt, from Penneys, in blue and cream. It comes with a brown belt in a cool icat print. This is a fabulous transitional piece from summer to autumn in Vegas. 


Strange fact about me; when I was a little girl I collected thimbles. My parents would take me and my sisters to antique stores and I am not sure what it was about thimbles that I liked so much, but I began a semi-enviable collection. To this day I still get some cute little thimbles from friends and family and my sister found this funky little one in…. IBIZA! Ha I love it, when I get home I will add it to my thimble shelf.

I got some other little treats which include a leopard print hair towel (which I am wearing now) and a cute Minnie mouse shower cap.

If you are reading this THANK YOU for my wonderful gifts, love you all so much, can’t wait to see you in 2 months time!!!!

If you missed my other birthday related posts you can read them here, and here!

Thank you for reading

Gina xxxx


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