Las Vegas Sights 2

If you missed part one, you can read it HERE.

As you may know, I moved to Las Vegas in November of 2012 and been having an amazing time enjoying this city.

Dancing in the pool @ XS

Marquee, the EC Twins

Hakkasan, Calvin Harris

Hakkasan, Calvin Harris

Las Vegas Clubs: Vegas is known for partying and has some of the most extravagant nightclub experiences in the world, where you can regularly see some amazing artists and world-renowned DJs play. Some people think you need to know someone if you want to get on the guest list… FALSE! Thanks to social media you can find hosts on twitter and instagram who can get you on the guest-list, or even hook you up with tables and complimentary bottles. HOWEVER this is the best town in the world if you are a girl, tables are regularly given to groups of girls, but if you have a single guy in your group you most likely will not get the same V.I.P. service.

In my personal opinion the best clubs in town are Hakkasan & XS. Marquee is also a great club, particularly if you are in Vegas on a Monday.

(I went to Hakkasan for my birthday last week, you can read about it here)

Rehab @ The Hard Rock Hotel

Parrots @ The Flamingo

Flamingos @ The Flamingo

The Conservatory @ The Bellagio

Sunbathing at my condo

The Wynn

The pool @ my condo

The pool @ my condo

Daytime in Vegas: Yes bars & casinos are open during the day but there are also some amazing things to do outside of the slots in Vegas. Most of the hotels have outdoor attractions and of course there are endless amounts of pools and pool parties. I live here so I usually chill out at the pool in my condo complex which is gorgeous and very relaxing, but in my opinion most of the hotel pools are gorgeous and you can always find a party if you are looking for one. Many of the hotels also have beautiful gardens to enjoy such as The Flamingo, where there are parrots, flamingos, cranes, swans, turtles and many more exotic creatures to look at. The Mirage has the Secret Garden which is a habitat for Dolphins, Lions, Tigers, Llamas and many more majestic animals. The Bellagio has a beautiful conservatory where there are always elaborate designs using real flowers, and currently have a huge bird aviary which has live finches.

The casino at Planet Hollywood

The MGM Grand

The Volcano @ The Mirage

The Volcano @ The Mirage

The Water Tornados @ Crystal Shopping Center

The viewing deck @ The Eiffel Tower

The Canals @ The Venetian

DISCO horse @ The Bellagio

Most of the hotels have themes and attractions that makes them stand out from the hundreds of attractions on the strip. Along with the Bellagio fountain (which I covered here) another great free show on the strip is the volcano at the Mirage. I like to enjoy it at Rhumbar with a cocktail.

Walking through the casinos you will find so many fascinating things, like that DISCO HORSE!!!!!!! I don’t think it is in The Bellagio anymore, but I am sure whatever replaced it is just as fabulous.

Another really fun and very touristy thing to do is to take a gondola ride in the Venetian. This ride is indoor and outdoor of the Venetian and your gondolier will serenade throughout your trip. This is a very cute activity to do, perfect for couples, although I did it with my mum when she visited and we both had a great time.

The Bellagio Conservatory @ Christmas

Caesars Palace NYE

Caesars Palace NYE

WInter Wonderland @ The Venetian

Las Vegas is not just for summer parties, it transforms no matter what the season, and spending Christmas here was certainly different to what I am used to in Ireland. Each hotel becomes a winter wonderland with some offering ice skating rinks.

New Years Eve was crazy! I had a friend visiting at the time and we spent midnight in the middle of the street just outside of Caesars Palace enjoying an elaborate fireworks display. This night the entire strip is closed down to traffic and the strip is filled with people ringing in the new year. We foolishly wore very high heels so once the firework displays were complete we headed to the Chandelier bar where we luckily found a seat.

Enjoying some slot play.

The light up roof over Freemont Street (Old Vegas)

I love to play the slots from time to time, however it is true that the house always wins! It is very rare that people actually walk away from the casino with a big win, so try not to get sucked in the chance that you could get a big pay day, and spend your time creating memories. Not many people realise that the Las Vegas Strip is “New Vegas” to get the authentic experience, head to downtown where you can experience the original Vegas. Freemont street is smaller than the strip, but has a more authentic Vegas feel to it.

 IMG_2900  IMG_2902
 IMG_2901  IMG_2904

The Shark Reef @ Mandalay Bay is bananas! I find fish a little freaky but it was amazing to see so many different types of fish, sharks and even alligators. You can even pet string ray… its crazy!

There are hundreds of things to see and do in Vegas besides the stereotypical nightclubs & gambling aspect, but they can certainly be entertaining too.

Thank you for reading

Gina xxxx

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