Just another MANI Monday

So many manicures over the years, I try to DIY some cool nails from time to time, but they are always a little messy! I do treat myself to a good manicure every so often, especially for the cuticle work.

This is a random collection of some crazy and normal nails that I have done over the years. I don’t remember every polish that I have used.

Black Leopard Nails wildefashion.wordpress.com

The Nail Bar @Harvey Nichols Dublin, I go to Karla (She’s AWESOME)

Pink, grey and hearts wildefashion.wordpress.com

at home DIY

Snake Print Nails wildefashion.wordpress.com

Nail wraps DIY from Harvey Nichols

rainbow tips wildefashion.wordpress.com

A very sloppy rainbow tip manicure using Chanel Inattendu

ย IMG_3151 ย IMG_3154

Neon Nails wildefashion.wordpress.com

DIY neon nails Grey is Models Own, Green is Essence

Be Happy Manicure wildefashion.wordpress.com

Chanel yellow polish

Black Caviar Nails wildefashion.wordpress.com

Hyde Grooming Caviar Nails, click here

heart manicure wildefashion.wordpress.com

I think the base colour is from Butter London

heart Manicure wildefashion.wordpress.com

DIY nails


Rimmel Desire & Barry M


essence gold polish

metalic nails wildefashion.wordpress.com

silver from Topshop


3am girl ciate

wine tips wildefashion.wordpress.com

rimmel desire tips

black & white wildefashion.wordpress.com


silver wildefashion.wordpress.com

silver ciate

velvet manicure

ciate velvet manicure

knickerbockerglory ciate nails

knickerbockerglory ciate

models own

models own

barry m

barry m

H&M Blue my Mind

H&M Blue my Mind

knickerbockerglory ciate

knickerbockerglory ciate

Hawaiin girl yellow

Hawaiian girl Yellow

I love how a good manicure can change your mood, or express your current feelings. I usually don’t get gel manicures as I like to change my nails so often, if I could I would probably change my nails with my mood and my outfit.

Thanks for reading.

Gina xxxx

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